Still Being Positive

I met up with an old friend for lunch and discussion about something I’d like her help with yesterday. It was great to catch up and share our personal news, family, health, what’s been happening, whats going to be happening.

It was great to catch up for so many reasons. Knowing she and her family are going well, being able to brag about how well me son is going, these were probably the top two reasons. But talking about my project I’d like help with was great too. It’s always good to have people involved with you, who are friends who care about you. The more people you have helping, who understand you, the better it will go.

This ‘people who understand’ can help enormously, because they’re less likely to have unrealistic expectations, because even if you’re going well now, they can remember the times when you were struggling. MS is like that. The remissions are wonderful times, when you can feel almost like you don’t have anything wrong with you at all. But you know a relapse could come along at any time.

Anyway, being positive and working toward a good outcome from a project is a great way to be living my life. The current project is to publish a new book. My friend Allyson Hean is going to do some illustrations for the book. Yesterday I gave Ally a draft copy of the book to go through, to come up with a front cover image, and three or so more illustrations. It was great fun to talk with her, she had some great ideas, and I’m sure this front cover is going to be eye-catching, which is how you want your book to be.

The book is called “Dog Buddha’s Thoughts” and it’s a comical look at Buddhism, through the eyes of ‘Buster the Dog’. This will be the third book Ally and I have done together, with me doing the writing, and Ally doing some pictures. Fun times, and an easy way to spend some time and earn a little bit of money too. I can do this, MS doesn’t prevent me from thinking, planning and writing, even if it may prevent me from other things at times.

I can’t imagine I’ll ever be able to compete in a marathon in summer, but that’s fine, I never want to do that – I’m totally not into running, and I think people who run in summer are mad! Anyway, I’m positive those who run marathons have positive thoughts about running in them, and that is the important thing to do – be positive about all you do.

This isn’t always possible, but it is true that if you can do the things you love to do, most of the time, that helps you to maintain a positive attitude to the rest of the things you do too. Positive attitudes bring you a good life, negative attitudes bring you a worse life. Your attitude colours you whole life, the way you see the tings that happen, and the ways you deal with everything there is in your life.

I’m positive this will be a great little book, and the whole process is going well!


8 thoughts on “Still Being Positive

    1. carolyncordon Post author

      Yes, I’ve put some out there in the cloud, tweeted a few thoughts, put some on one of my Facebook pages. I could and will do more self-promotion getting closer to the launch date which will be 29th July, if the things I’m waiting for arrive in time.


  1. johnlmalone

    the answer is Sidney Franklin who at the time of this article — March 23, 1949 — a fully fledged matador from the States —- was 45. He estimates that he has killed 2000 bulls thus far .


  2. johnlmalone

    thanks for replying to my ‘funny names’ blog; I thought it was funny and clever so glad that one person said they enjoyed it; sometimes that’s all we need 🙂


    1. carolyncordon Post author

      Yes indeed, John, breaking through to at least one person who responds positively to your work can sometimes be that little bit of incentive a poet/writer/blogger/teacher needs!


  3. johnlmalone

    you got that one right, Carolyn 🙂 Hey! I just came across another ‘funny name’ 🙂 when I get a few more I’ll add to that post



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