Daily Archives: June 8, 2017

Multiple Sclerosis Cure! Not

When I see yet another ‘cure’ for MS, I don’t get excited and I don’t rush off to get myself whatever is the new contender in the MS Cure race. I usually shrug and continue on with what I was doing. Is there a cure for MS in the future? Probably. Will it happen this year? Probably not.

The problem with these so called cures, is that the time from the initial discovery, to the final pill or potion that will cure those who have whatever it is a cure for, that time can be many years before this so called cure actually hits the market, when sufferers can be cured. The most recent one that came to my notice on Facebook looked slightly better than some of them I’ve seen.

But even with it looking slightly better, in that there is a reputable university involved in this ‘cure’. But that university Cambridge) is at the stage of looking for funding to help further develop the idea, and they don’t even expect to begin actual trials until 2020, which is three years away. So no, I’m not holding my breath as I wait to see what the results are.

And curiously, Cambridge University also seems to be doing work on Stem Cells, another ‘miracle cure’ for MS so I’m wondering whether the two so-called cures are going to run into troubles over which ‘cure’ is actually a cure at all. Am I skeptical about these things? Yes, of course I am. What thinking person wouldn’t be skeptical?

If I got over the top excited over every piece of whizz bang miracle that came out, I’d quickly run out of puff. The internet brings us ‘amazing’ things all of the time. Today I saw the miracle ‘black lion’ one again. This black lion supposedly is black because of the melanin in its body doing something or other, and making everything black instead of the more usual colours. The truth is that the miracle is in the work involved in changing a picture of a white lion, which is actually true, into a picture of a black one, digitally changing the colour. Clever work, but not a miracle at all.

I like science quite a bit, and I’m open to the idea that amazing new things can happen, but the more I see quackery and cons, the more I tighten my skeptic hat, so it sits firmly on the top of my head … Birds are miraculous, baby creatures of any species are miraculous too. And ideas and medical breakthroughs can happen too, I accept that. If someone looked at me, and the way MS is for me, that may even be a miracle, you never know!

I’m not in a wheelchair, I can get up and run, I’m not blind, I have reasonable muscle tone and I’m able to do things that most other people can do, what a miracle! Well, not really, I think I’m just lucky that my medicine works for me, and my lifestyle isn’t too arduous for me. If everyone with MS was able to do whatever they truly wanted to do, we’d probably call that a cure, that’s what works for me!

Does anyone have thoughts about these so-called cures, leave a comment, I’d love to read about it!