Daily Archives: June 12, 2017

Be Happy Wherever You Are

If you spend hours dreaming of being in a better place, you may be wasting your time. Many people who have their health, a home and people who love them forget about those assets, and waste their lives dreaming about how to get a better life.

And conversely, other people may dream of being able to have the life you currently have. If you’re not happy with your life, the first step you might take is to list what you want in life, and then list your assets.

You may be surprised to see that the things you already have can,  in some ways, give you what you think you want.

Do you want a house with water views, and gorgeous art works, but all you have is a job where you have to catch the train into town, and no money for the artworks.

If these were my list items, I could change them around and realise I already have access to the things I said I wanted – not a home with water views maybe, but the train ride might take in lovely Nature views in part. And even if there were no artworks in my home, there are galleries around South Australia I could visit including the lovely big one in Adelaide, where I can look at gorgeous paintings any day I want to.

It all comes down to the idea of  “Change your attitude, discover your life”. Think hard about what you have, and see if you can look and see how those things can be seen differently.

Happiness isn’t something others can give to you, there isn’t a course you take to get happiness. Happiness is inside of you already, but you can’t see it because the happiness is drowned out by all of the other things you have and do, trying to find the happy life you want to get.

When you look at the life you have, you might discover you already have the life you want. If you have family and friends who care about you, you have treasures aplenty!