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The Day Before the Festival Starts!

Tomorrow the 2017 Adelaide Plains Festival of Words begins, and boy am I grateful for many things about this Festival our writing group are putting on. I have members of the writing group to thank for all they’re doing to make this Festival great, two in particular, the treasurer and secretary, I’m ever so grateful to have them with me on the Festival team!

I’m also grateful to the media bodies who have assisted, and for the potential lessons learnt where it hasn’t happened. Running a Festival isn’t something you get right at the very start – you learn more and more as you go, and with luck and with thought, things get better, and every Festival teaches much, to take into the next Festival. So I am grateful for the things the three Festivals our group  has run have taught me and others in the committee.

I’m grateful that the venue for tomorrow’s event will still be available, I’m grateful to the person from that I spoke to yesterday being supportive of what our group are doing. I’m grateful to the owners of the venue for Saturday and Sunday, who have always been supportive of our writing group over the years.

Even if it rains, the weather is still going to be OK, and most of the things we’ll be doing are inside anyway, so that should all be fine. I’m grateful for every scrap of sunshine we may have though, very grateful indeed! Sunshine in winter is a blessing from Nature, and I am always grateful when Nature is kind, as it has been most of the time this winter. Of course if Nature was less than kind, I would still be grateful for the trees and flowers, vegetables and fruit that Nature helps to grow!

Hmm, I’m not grateful for the thunder that just started happening outside. I hope that goes away soon, I think I’d better turn off the computer, now, and be grateful for not being frizzed by lightning!


Back Again, and Still Feeling Grateful

I’ve missed recording my feeling of gratitude for a couple of days, for a variety of reasons. Those reasons are a symptom of the way life gets in the way of many things. I am certainly grateful that I am still able to do the many things I’ve been doing.

The weather has been good, winter is supposed to be cold, so I certainly won’t complain about it. We have been getting reasonably good levels of sunshine hitting our solar panels on our roof, and I’m grateful for this power from the sun which helps to ease our electricity costs. I’m also grateful for the flowers and produce our garden is currently growing. It isn’t really strawberry season, but we have our strawberry plants still trying to grow some more of this lovely fruit – I love sun-ripened strawberries, picked from the plant and eaten straight away!

We also so have capsicums growing  in our vegetable garden, a healthy and tasty addition to our food stocks. Our herbs are still growing, and they are also a great in the meals we eat. I’m glad we have plenty of room and are able to grow these plants, I appreciate food plants a lot, yum! I appreciate the beautiful flowers too, we have lots of geraniums flowering, purple, hot pink, red, red/white combination, pale pink, lovely!

I am grateful for all of these things, and I am also very grateful for my darling husband, who does most of the watering of these plants. We have had some rain, but not enough by itself, so the hose comes into action as needed.

So that’s my catch up with things I’ve been grateful for in the past few days. I may not have time to be back here again until after the weekend. This weekend, starting on Friday, will all be taken up by the Adelaide Plains Festival of Words which is happening then. My writing group run this annual event, and I am certainly grateful to the wonderful sub-committee who help me to get this Festival up and running every year!

That’s it from me now, coffee and a little afternoon tea call me!

Sunshine Be My Power!

Today I am very grateful for the sun, and the solar panels we have on our roof, which take sunshine and turn it into power for us in a way I don’t understand, because I’ve never tried to understand how it works. I’m grateful there are people who do understand this, and can provide the relevant things to make it happen!

I love these sunny winter days too, simply for the broad blue sky up above us, and the clouds that may occasionally glide past overhead, with no flooding rain or angry storms to threaten us at the moment. The rain and storms may come back again, but for now, nothing like that happening …

If and when the rain and storms come again, I will be thankful for the watering Nature will do of the trees and other plants in my garden, in the crops around, and for all of the other gardens around, sucking up the moisture. I love an electrical storm every now and then too, as long as I don’t get stuck out in it, so hey Nature, bring on a storm some night soon, and that will be good too!

Winter isn’t my favourite month, but there are certainly parts of the season I enjoy, and after the cold winter we’re having, a warm Spring will be lovely. We have strawberries growing, (slowly growing), at the moment and I’m sure more warmth will encourage them to grow more quickly. I love home-grown strawberries, yummy, much better than what you’d get at the supermarket – sun warmed and ripened, picked from my garden and eaten straight away!

The image below isn’t a picture of strawberries, but it’s from our garden, herbs. capsicums and baby spinach, good food from our garden, yum!

garden produce.jpg

Day two of Gratitude

Today my writing group met and I am extremely grateful to have these wonderful creative people in my life! When you find others who share you thoughts and ideals in a caring but not staying way, wonderful things,can happen!

I’m also grateful for my family who are supportive of me in a variety of ways, with love care!

Welcoming Gratitude in, Daily!

Having gratitude to the good things in life can help those good things to grow, the more you are grateful for things, the more things you find to be grateful for. I like the idea of having to find the things I am grateful for, for a variety of other reasons too.

So this challenge I have set for myself, is to write, or at least note things I am grateful for, every day, and note them here, on this blog. The attitude of gratitude helps me to maintain a positive attitude to life, and who wouldn’t want to have that happy and positive attitude, every day?!

This blog is the place I’ve decided makes the most sense to do this, Multiple Sclerosis can bring challenges to life, but meeting the challenges, which I almost always am able to do, is certainly a major thing I am grateful for!

So today, what am I grateful for? I am grateful for my husband who does so much to help keep my life in order. I am grateful for the lovely man who is printing my next book for me. I am grateful I have many lovely friends who care about me. I am grateful to have these crazy pharaoh hound dogs in my life, and for the schnauzer (protective and not crazy!).

I am grateful for the rain we’ve had recently, but am also grateful for the break in the rainy weather for a day or so. I’m grateful for Nature and everything good from Nature that is in my life – sunshine, clouds, creatures, the sky, moon and stars.

That’s enough for now, I will be back tomorrow with an update on what I feel grateful for then! If you have a gratitude journal, or something similar, I’d love you to leave a comment here, and tell us about it, and what it does for you!

Much Scrambled

MS can stand for many things. The main one for me, and for this blogsite, is Multiple Sclerosis. It can also stand for Much Scrambled though, and I’ve found the Multiple Sclerosis symptom that bothers me the most is the MCI (Mild Cognitive I ) I have from the MS.  The fact that I haven’t filled in what the I stands for, that’s how MCI can be for me. I remember the M (Mild) and the C (Cognitive) but the I wanders around in my brain, trying words our and rejected them, until I finally find the correct word.

In the time I’ve spent writing this blog post, I’ve been trying words out – Idiocy – no, Incompetence – no, I I I – I still can’t think what that word is … I do know I can Google it though, and find the word in a flash. But I’m going to keep on trying to find it. The fact that the TV is playing over on my right, with a program I’m totally uninterested it, but that I can still hear nonetheless, and I can hear the air conditioner pumping out lovely warm air so this room is comfortable instead of too cold, they don’t help.

I’m also sort of listening for the washing machine to stop, so I can then take the sheets outside and hang them up to dry. Having all of these things swirling around my head don’t help me to think properly. And of course there’s the details of the Festival my writing group are holding soon, and the things I still have to do the help to get that ready. And the novel I’m sort of writing tiny bit by tiny bit, that’s in the swirling mass of thoughts too. I have a much scrambled brain.

I still haven’t thought of that word that starts with an I … Sometimes thinking about other things can bring on thoughts I’ve been trying to remember, but it hasn’t happened yet. If it really mattered, and if I didn’t know I can easily find the answer elsewhere on the internet, this could well worry me, stress me out and so on. Those things, worry and stress, make the thinking process even more scrambled. Serenity is a help with the thinking process, and I try to spend time with minimal distractions and just think about nothing.

In warmer seasons, not the middle of winter, I love to sit on our back veranda and just BE … Nature is out there, the trees, the sky, the creatures, all just BEING too. This serene being is a joyful time, a time when memories and ideas float in and out of my attention, and I am more able to remember what I want to remember and just let go of unwanted thoughts, the way that trees let go of unwanted leaves in Autumn …

above the fish pond OK, not autumn leaves, but these are some of the trees I can see outside when I’m communing with Nature …

Hmm, I still haven’t remembered that word – I, I, I Not Insufficiency, Not Itch, I almost had it there, but it’s disappeared again … got it! Impairment! Hooray, I found that tricky word! Impairment, Impairment, Impairment! I often mistype this word and have to fix it before I hit the enter key. Impariment. That squiggly red line under the word when it’s on my screen reminds me that I’ve yet again spelled the word incorrectly. These things are great. Impairment in thinking is a pain in the self-esteem to those of us who pride themselves on their English Language skills.

But having a Much Scrambled brain, and actually being a published writer, that is a thing to be proud of. So I will continue to think, and to write, and make connections in my brain and the rest of my Central Nervous System, and also to remember where I can go to find the things, words and so on I can’t find in my own brain. The internet – Google, what a great tool for people with Much Scrambled brains. Who else loves the internet, for the ways it helps them get through life? What a fine tool it is, when our brains get scrambled …