Sunshine Be My Power!

Today I am very grateful for the sun, and the solar panels we have on our roof, which take sunshine and turn it into power for us in a way I don’t understand, because I’ve never tried to understand how it works. I’m grateful there are people who do understand this, and can provide the relevant things to make it happen!

I love these sunny winter days too, simply for the broad blue sky up above us, and the clouds that may occasionally glide past overhead, with no flooding rain or angry storms to threaten us at the moment. The rain and storms may come back again, but for now, nothing like that happening …

If and when the rain and storms come again, I will be thankful for the watering Nature will do of the trees and other plants in my garden, in the crops around, and for all of the other gardens around, sucking up the moisture. I love an electrical storm every now and then too, as long as I don’t get stuck out in it, so hey Nature, bring on a storm some night soon, and that will be good too!

Winter isn’t my favourite month, but there are certainly parts of the season I enjoy, and after the cold winter we’re having, a warm Spring will be lovely. We have strawberries growing, (slowly growing), at the moment and I’m sure more warmth will encourage them to grow more quickly. I love home-grown strawberries, yummy, much better than what you’d get at the supermarket – sun warmed and ripened, picked from my garden and eaten straight away!

The image below isn’t a picture of strawberries, but it’s from our garden, herbs. capsicums and baby spinach, good food from our garden, yum!

garden produce.jpg


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