Back Again, and Still Feeling Grateful

I’ve missed recording my feeling of gratitude for a couple of days, for a variety of reasons. Those reasons are a symptom of the way life gets in the way of many things. I am certainly grateful that I am still able to do the many things I’ve been doing.

The weather has been good, winter is supposed to be cold, so I certainly won’t complain about it. We have been getting reasonably good levels of sunshine hitting our solar panels on our roof, and I’m grateful for this power from the sun which helps to ease our electricity costs. I’m also grateful for the flowers and produce our garden is currently growing. It isn’t really strawberry season, but we have our strawberry plants still trying to grow some more of this lovely fruit – I love sun-ripened strawberries, picked from the plant and eaten straight away!

We also so have capsicums growing  in our vegetable garden, a healthy and tasty addition to our food stocks. Our herbs are still growing, and they are also a great in the meals we eat. I’m glad we have plenty of room and are able to grow these plants, I appreciate food plants a lot, yum! I appreciate the beautiful flowers too, we have lots of geraniums flowering, purple, hot pink, red, red/white combination, pale pink, lovely!

I am grateful for all of these things, and I am also very grateful for my darling husband, who does most of the watering of these plants. We have had some rain, but not enough by itself, so the hose comes into action as needed.

So that’s my catch up with things I’ve been grateful for in the past few days. I may not have time to be back here again until after the weekend. This weekend, starting on Friday, will all be taken up by the Adelaide Plains Festival of Words which is happening then. My writing group run this annual event, and I am certainly grateful to the wonderful sub-committee who help me to get this Festival up and running every year!

That’s it from me now, coffee and a little afternoon tea call me!


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