The Day Before the Festival Starts!

Tomorrow the 2017 Adelaide Plains Festival of Words begins, and boy am I grateful for many things about this Festival our writing group are putting on. I have members of the writing group to thank for all they’re doing to make this Festival great, two in particular, the treasurer and secretary, I’m ever so grateful to have them with me on the Festival team!

I’m also grateful to the media bodies who have assisted, and for the potential lessons learnt where it hasn’t happened. Running a Festival isn’t something you get right at the very start – you learn more and more as you go, and with luck and with thought, things get better, and every Festival teaches much, to take into the next Festival. So I am grateful for the things the three Festivals our group  has run have taught me and others in the committee.

I’m grateful that the venue for tomorrow’s event will still be available, I’m grateful to the person from that I spoke to yesterday being supportive of what our group are doing. I’m grateful to the owners of the venue for Saturday and Sunday, who have always been supportive of our writing group over the years.

Even if it rains, the weather is still going to be OK, and most of the things we’ll be doing are inside anyway, so that should all be fine. I’m grateful for every scrap of sunshine we may have though, very grateful indeed! Sunshine in winter is a blessing from Nature, and I am always grateful when Nature is kind, as it has been most of the time this winter. Of course if Nature was less than kind, I would still be grateful for the trees and flowers, vegetables and fruit that Nature helps to grow!

Hmm, I’m not grateful for the thunder that just started happening outside. I hope that goes away soon, I think I’d better turn off the computer, now, and be grateful for not being frizzed by lightning!



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