Daily Archives: October 4, 2017

My MS Update

Today I visited my neurologist, after quite a long time away. He was surprised it had been so long, and was pleased with my positive progress in my MS journey. Apart from issues I have with my cholesterol, which he claims is unrelated to Gilenya, I am doing well, based on my physical abilities.

I am definitely in remission, and glad to be so. There is no way of telling how long this remission might last though, and I am aware that I need to make the best of these good times … MS is like that, of course. It is both relapsing (the bad times) and remitting (the good times). My neurologist and I will see each other more often that the approximately five years it has been. I am going to organise an MRI scan soon, and will be back to the neurologist early next year, to look at the results, and also to see if my cholesterol levels improve since upping my medication for that issue.

I’m glad with these positive results, happy to be going well with my life, and sad for people I know, and others with MS who are not doing anywhere near as well. Health is a mixed bag for us all, and we never know when our bag may suddenly contain bad things instead of good, or vice versa … Life is a jigsaw puzzle, a challenge, a joke, an inspiration, a disaster … One never knows how or when things might change, with health, happiness, family, or friends.

Living the best life you can can always help to keep you going well, in my opinion, and I am quite sure my positive attitude to life is one of the reasons I am doing so well. I don’t sit around moping, I sit around organising good things, both personally, and with and for others. And I don’t just sit around, of course. We own three dogs, and while I am not responsible for all of the things that need to be done to keep the dogs happy, I certainly do some of the things, like feeding and sometimes cleaning up after them …

I get out and about as well. fortunately I am well able to drive my car, and as long as I have that ability, I am able to be involved in the weekly writing group I run, meeting up with other committee and other members for meetings and events, and generally having a good time with like-minded people. I go to MS related things too sometimes, but this has become a thing I do less often, and my abilities have become much better than they were after my first experience with MS.

Life is good!sofa dogs