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How I Deal With a Chronic Illness

We are born, we grow, we live and then we die. If we are lucky, the time moves along well, with few problems occurring, no major setbacks, accidents or illnesses. But for some, things go wrong. Whether it’s a car crash, or a bad virus infection, or any other kind of mishap, things can happen that interfere with what may have been a good or at least good enough life.

One of those things can be a chronic illness. There are a number of these kinds of illnesses, and sadly for many there is still no real reason about what has caused the illness, and there is no cure, merely treatments. These treatments can certainly help to control the symptoms of an illness, but they can’t ‘fix’ all of the things that have gone wrong, or may go wrong in the future.

MS, or Multiple Sclerosis is one such illness. I have been diagnosed with this illness, back in early 2010. It was both a surprise, but mostly it was a relief, because at least I had a reason for the strange things my body was doing. If I’d realised the full extent of what this illness might bring for me, that relief may have been less, but considering that I’d thought my symptoms were from either a stroke, or a brain tumour, at least MS was better that either of those two illnesses.

MS prompts the person’s immune system to attack and cause scarring/lesions to the Central Nervous System, which then interfere with the way nerve impulses can travel to the brain. The nerves don’t work properly, and so muscles, and a variety of different things can be affected, depending on where in the Central Nervous System the scarring is. There are a variey of treatments, which can bring their own things the affected person has to deal with.

I am currently on a treatment that seems to work well, and I feel more or less well, most of the time. When I think back to myself before MS came into my life though, I have to say I am actually affected by this disease, just not affected as badly as some other poeple are. I am certainly grateful about that, of course. Do I deserve to be OK though, do other people deserve to be seriously affected? Of course not. These things are random, and we all must deal with what we have been handed by life, or Nature or whatever it is that determines what happens.

I have no special knowledge, no special abilities. I am however a calm kind of person who reflects on things and tends not to stress about things. Is this the reason or at least a reason, why I am going well with MS. I also am able to live my life in a good way, stress-free for the most part, and I thank my lovely husband for that, he does most of the things that need to be done around the place. This lets me do the writing related things that bring me joy in life, being involved in a variety of events, helping others with their writing, learning more to apply to my own writing. Fun and fulfilling things.

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I also exercise a bit (I should do more), I eat a good healthy diet with good amounts of fruit and vegetables, a little meat, grains, nuts and so on. I am not overweight, nor underweight, and as I wrote, I have little stress in my life …

I certainly feel this ‘Finding Fulfullment in Life’ is an important aspect of life, and helps me to be so satisfied with my life. Every day is the chance to do something enjoyable, commune with Nature, write a new poem, connect with friends, see family, have a tasty meal somewhere.

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So these are some aspects of how I deal with living with this particular chronic illness. I realise I am a fortunate person, others not so. I therefore can’t say my way would work for all, because I know that isn’t the case. Some people are worse affected than me and so are not as able as I am to do all of the things they like/love to do. Thinking about what are the most important things, and working at doing those though, surely that is worth working toward.

Please feel free to leave me any comments you have …



Positive Attitude equals a Positive Life?

The article in the link above is a great one, that says many of the things I believe, regarding having a positive attitude to life. It says that having a positive attitude to life and to ageing can help you to in fact live a longer life, and who wouldn’t want that? Probably people who are hating the life they’re living might not want it, so I guess they’re bringing what they want, then.

If you have a negative attitude to life, and don’t look forward to the great things that are there for you to see, experience, and if you instead get out of bed dreading the passing of the day, every day, well you may well not have to endure you life for so long. But having that attitude is a dreary way to go, that’s for sure.

My general attitude to life is to find the good things and enjoy them, and to find ways to minimise, improve or otherwise make better, the bad things that are there. I am an optimist and am happy far more times than I am unhappy. I also have things planned in my future to look forward to, good things, things that can lead to even more good things. I have great friends, and my family love me. I know I am a lucky person, a very lucky person.

This luck in life I have seems to affect my health as well. I have a chronic illness, MS (Multiple Sclerosis) that can habe many bad effects on the lives of people with it. I have certainly had some of those bad effects, but I am almost always able to have only minimal ill effects from my MS. I am on a medication that seems to work well for me, when many other affected people have far worse results from the same medication.

I have no proof that my positive attitutude is positively responsible for this result, but I’m sure that it helps in some way or other. Expecting things to work well, and being greatful when they do, these are tools to keep myself living a good and positive life. Do you believe your attitude is responsible for how you are, living with MS? I’d love to hear about it, if you do! Feel free to leave a comment here.