Positive Attitude equals a Positive Life?


The article in the link above is a great one, that says many of the things I believe, regarding having a positive attitude to life. It says that having a positive attitude to life and to ageing can help you to in fact live a longer life, and who wouldn’t want that? Probably people who are hating the life they’re living might not want it, so I guess they’re bringing what they want, then.

If you have a negative attitude to life, and don’t look forward to the great things that are there for you to see, experience, and if you instead get out of bed dreading the passing of the day, every day, well you may well not have to endure you life for so long. But having that attitude is a dreary way to go, that’s for sure.

My general attitude to life is to find the good things and enjoy them, and to find ways to minimise, improve or otherwise make better, the bad things that are there. I am an optimist and am happy far more times than I am unhappy. I also have things planned in my future to look forward to, good things, things that can lead to even more good things. I have great friends, and my family love me. I know I am a lucky person, a very lucky person.

This luck in life I have seems to affect my health as well. I have a chronic illness, MS (Multiple Sclerosis) that can habe many bad effects on the lives of people with it. I have certainly had some of those bad effects, but I am almost always able to have only minimal ill effects from my MS. I am on a medication that seems to work well for me, when many other affected people have far worse results from the same medication.

I have no proof that my positive attitutude is positively responsible for this result, but I’m sure that it helps in some way or other. Expecting things to work well, and being greatful when they do, these are tools to keep myself living a good and positive life. Do you believe your attitude is responsible for how you are, living with MS? I’d love to hear about it, if you do! Feel free to leave a comment here.


6 thoughts on “Positive Attitude equals a Positive Life?

  1. u2hearts

    I try to keep a positive attitude especially about my MS. It can very easily take you down a very dark hole and that’s no way to live. I have moments where I get down, it is a tough disease but I choose to be happy and not dwell on it. MS is part of my life but it doesn’t control my life.


    1. carolyncordon Post author

      Thanks for your comment, MS is a strange illness, where sometimes you can almost forget your have it, when the weather and stress levels, and other things all go the right way for you … Then the weather turns hot, stresses hit you, and your body definitely reminds you, you still have MS … But keeping as positive as possible sure does help, if you can manage that.

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  2. Positively Alyssa

    This was a wonderful post with so much real meaning! I think I try to convince myself that a positive attitude creates positive results, but you are right there is not any proof. I do my best to stay positive about my MS, but I still have too many times when I am struggling physically and mentally. Today I had to miss work because I have had a terrible headache and it just will not go away! I have horrible pain and spasms in my legs. I honestly do not think my positive attitude has influenced this for the better, but maybe it would be much worse if I was not positive!


    1. carolyncordon Post author

      I think that the positive attitude thing works, but I’m having an easier life with my MS than you’re having, Alyssa. MS is a unique illness, and each of us are affected differently because our damage to our central nervous system can be in different areas. I’ve never had any eye-related problems, for instance, where many people with MS have optic neuritis, and I’ve never had headaches from MS either.

      The muscle spasms, when I was having them, were never painful. It’s like I have MS-lite, rather that full-on painful MS. But I do think that having a stress-free life helps me, and the fact that I don’t have to hold down an actual paid job makes it easier too. If I had a paying job, full time, I suspect my life-attitude wouldn’t be as rosy.

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      1. Positively Alyssa

        I actually do believe that a positive attitude is best and it does have a huge impact on our lives. All negativity does is bring people down and in turn causes more problems.

        It really is wild how different MS can be for everyone, but it is very different for each individual. A stress-free life is the best life to live and unfortunately I do allow a lot of it into my life. I am working on ending that though. I will say being forced to go to work every day is stress-full and a little difficult at times. I am happy that you do not have to deal with all that!
        I hope you had a good day and I hope your Thursday is great!!

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