Challenging Myself, for My Own Good

Early this week, I decided I was going to commit to doing 10 minutes of exercise – brisk walking or something similar, every single day, in the interests of helping my body to get fitter and so healthier, for my mental health to make me happy with myself, and perhaps my spiritual health in some unknown way … I went well for the first few days, doing brisk walking every day. Then of course, life got in the way, and I went without doing those ten minutes of brisk walking. Disaster! Or was it?

Yesterday was the day I should have done a brisk walk or something similarly active but didn’t. So, last night I decided I would make up for not doing my brisk walking, by doing double the usual desired length of time, to make up for not doing it yesterday. And I’m happy with myself because that is exactly what I did. Today, I have got the Wii Fit machine connected up and with fresh batteries, and yes, I did twenty minutes of exercise, aerobic exercises, and I did a weigh in too.

The weight was higher than I would have liked, but the lower weight I’d like it to be is a work in progress, and I expect that will be lower when I weigh in again tomorrow. Because I’ve decided I will do my exercises that way, concentrating on the

AerobicFitness  type of exercises. hula hoop for blog

Today I did two sets of the Hula Hoop exercises, ten minutes of Free Step, two minutes of the Basic Step. Then I did the free run and after that, after a brief rest, some ‘Flying’ where I waved my arms like I was trying to fly. (for this exercise, I didn’t land on any thing, I just kept on flying as high as I could) That added up to the needed twenty minutes, Hooray!

Challenging myself like this is good for me, I feel tired but happy with myself. The more I move, the easier I will be able to keep on moving. I know that many people don’t know a lot about Multiple Sclerosis, but they think afflicted people have to use a wheelchair. There is certainly no wheelchair in my future, not if I have anything to do with it, I don’t even need my walking stick or cane!

Challenges like this could make me a better person in ways beyond the physical, so perhaps that is the ‘spiritual’ side of my life that is being addressed. I was thinking earlier today about the Maslow’s Pyramid of needs, and this exercise program I am doing is certainly helping with my self-esteem, which is the second highest need, according to Abraham Maslow.

At the highest level is self-actualisation. I think the fact that I am writing this blog post about all of these things could be said to be addressing that need. I am interested in knowing what others think about all of these things =- please leave a comment, if you have anything so add to my thoughts.




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