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Chronic Illness – Unexpected Issues

When you find out you have a Chronic Illness, such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and others, you will probably try to find out all you can about your new ‘life issue’. You’ll search for it on the internet, via search engines, and follow up on all of the links you find. You’ll ask your medical people about it, I’d expect too, and you’ll quite likely check out Facebook pages related to your illness.

These are good ideas, the more you know, the better decisions you can make, but you know what? These sources of possible assistance can only help up to a point. And you may find the people round you may take it upon themselves to help you too. It’s human nature to want to fix things for other people, for some people, and that is a lovely thing, quite often, but only up to a point.

Some people have minds that are closed to other possible actions rather than their own ideas, on ways to fix things. But much of the time, our problems are well outside of the understanding of such people. They can be dismissive, ignorant, and simply won’t listen to you if you try to explain how it actually is for you. These people can be irritating in small doses, and postitively toxic in larger doses.

The people who can really help you are the ones who know what it’s like, because they are living though the same things as you. Only a person with MS, for example, knows what it feels like to try to continue on through a bad time of MS Fatigue, when your whole body, all the way through to your bones, feels tired … Having friends who truly know, and who really do understand, can be a life saver! You will have at least those people who know what you really mean when you say, no, I can’t, I’m too tired.

If you have one of those ‘invisible’ chronic illnesses, as such as MS, etc, you must remember to care for yourself first, and others after, otherwise you will burn out and have nothing left for anyone, including yourself.

If any of this rings true for you,l please, feel free to comment here, and add to the discussion!

Ready for Summer

I’m well aware of the summer heat in my part of Australia. I live in South Australia, and summer is definitely here, and blazing hot at times!. We have already had some 100 degree (C) plus days, and next week things are going to get hot again.

Today wasn’t quite that hot, but I was going out to watch my husband play lawn bowls, and wanted to watch him from outside, not inside the clubrooms. I like to be able to say something, when I see a good bowl, for example, and though I could have still done that today inside the clubrooms, there wouldn’t be much point, if the players couldn’t hear me.

I know how badly getting too hot can affect me, because of have MS (multiple sclerosis), so I got myself prepared for some protection from the effects of too much heat, after being reminded about it by my husband, who is also my carer to assist me living with MS.

So my husband was a good carer, I was a good client, and I got myself organised with my cooling neck tie, to get it all puffed up with water, and lovely and cool, before I needed to go. These neck ties are amazing things, with some kind of white crystals inside, that absorb water, and keep very cool for a long time.

You can more or less wear them straight away, once theye have absobed enough water, or put them away in the fridge or freezer, to keep damp. If they dry out, which they will do if they don’t get soaked again, you simply soak them in water again, and so it goes …

So I went to the Mallala Bowling Club, and was amused at myself, for getting there at the wrong time. All of the bowlers walked off the bowling rinks when I pulled up in my car, to watch! I wasn’t upset about that, because I knew I’d just mistimed my arrival. The game had already been playing for about an hour and a half, and it was time for afternoon tea.

I could have gone inside with them all, that would have been fine, but I wanted to give my neck tie a good work out. The temperature inside the clubrooms is always pleasantly cool, or even possibly too cool. (My husband and I have different ideas about the ideal temperature for inside.)

Having given the neck tie another run, after leaving my collection of them buried away in various drawers, I am happy to report that I felt nice and cool when I was out today! When I came home, I took off the tie I’d been wearing, and put it in the freezer, to keep cool. When I need it again, I can simply get it out of the fridge, and let it defrost a bit.

These neck ties are definitely a useful thing to have, for people needing to keep cool in the heat. I’d love to know where other people have visited, and needed to keep cool, so they too wore their neck tie for the job. Please leave a comment!