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Trips, Falls with Multiple Sclerosis

People with MS are more likely than people who don’t have MS to have relatively frequent falls. Not all people with MS, but more than others.

I certainly fall more that other people of the same age, who don’t have MS or similar condition. When I am being ‘good’ and exercising often, I build up my strength and my sense of where I am, my spatial awareness, and while I may have near falls, I have fewer actual falls.

Keeping moving around, doing some housework kinds of things, or simply walking, these things can be useful, and I try to do at least some things that involve getting up and moving around. Today, I helped out with the washing, and had more reminders that trips and falls are always possibilities for me.

I certainly didn’t fall, but had a couple of near trips that could have been nasty if I’d actually fallen. I didn’t though, and I’m glad. I’m also glad these thoughts have led to a new poem, about the subject.



Housework, reasons to move around

Good times, getting jobs all done

But the going outside is bumpy not smooth


Bending & stretching are good that’s true –

getting clothes washed, hung out & dried,

then brought back in then put away,


The risk of falls though is ever-present

Three near falls today, not actual ones

But near, it’s the wake up call I need.


These reminders ensure I step carefully –

An almost fall, that’s better than another

Meeting with hardness of the ground!


So three near falls, and zero actual ones

They’re the stats I like to have, it’s the way

I like it, I can laugh at gravity’s harsh tricks!

Invisible Illness

When you have a chronic illness, such as Multiple Sclerosis, it can become almost irritating, having to deal with people who fail to realise that you aren’t faking, and you really do have an illness that is limiting your life. There are tests, that are done to see the damage that has occurred inside your body, the scarring on your central nervous system that is stopping nerve signals from travelling freely through your nerves.

This can cause a variety of different consequences, depending on where the scarring (or lesions) are. It may cause problems with eyes, weakness in muscles, numbness in hands, feet, knees, lower legs, speech problems, problems swallowing, and a variety of other problems. Memory, and other problems relating to cognition (thinking) can also occur.

These problems won’t always be there, some days a person with MS may feel alright, others they may feel very much affected. It may depend on the heat, or on their level of stress, or all manner of other things. Most people with MS would agree about the heat, but there are some others who are affected by being too cold. But only the person themselves know how they are being affected.

Some people with MS may be able to work full time, others not, or not all of the time. Some people with MS can run, others are unable to walk at all, and there are many levels of mobility in between. Again, there is no telling who will be affected, and in what ways. It is thought diet can have good results for people, and certainly good healthy food is good for everyone, but eating well is not going to help everyone with MS.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome people may need a mobility aid to get around, a walking stick, or a wheelchair. Some may only need the aid in certain circumstances, such as when they are suffering with a relapse. There is no way to predict when a relapse may come, or when it will end again. MS is an unpredictable disease, never think you know how a person with MS feels at any time, they may be fine one day, and badly affected the next.