Monthly Archives: March 2020

This Changed World …

Yes times have changed, in huge ways, as we all try to understand the enormity of this Covid 19 virus, and the implications of it to our lives. Finding out the truth of what is going on, is a little all over the place, with different bodies saying different things. If you have one source of information that you trust, it is a good idea to rely on that one, and perhaps turn away from the less truthful sources.

The worst thing to do, for us all, but especially those of us with MS, would be to stress about things that are going on. If you let yourself get stressed, your body goes into overdrive ‘fight of flight mode’ and your MS will hit you big time. Stay calm, meditate if you can, look to the beautiful things Nature has there for you, flowers, trees, the lovely sky with peaceful clouds floating up there.


Life is still life. We must eat, move, exercise or at least keep moving any way we can. And it’s important to give yourself permission to chill out, if possible, find ways to be silly, or be creative. Perhaps take the time to do some journalling, looking at your life, what you’ve done in the past that you are proud of, or what you’re doing now, and then move to writing about what you want, or plan to do in the future.


As soon as I can do these things myself, I plan on getting stuck into writing a series of Cosy Murder Mysteries. I have characters, and a small town that they live in. I have possible titles for the series of planned books, and I’ve written some of two of the books. It’s something I’m keen to do, but my brain is in a bit of a mish-mash at Sky News on all day and night, when it would be more ‘settling’ if I simply wrote about my little imaginary town, and the fun and games (and murder) going on there …

Anyway, whether your creative outlet is crafts, or painting, gardening, writing or something else, now might be the time to get on and do it, if you’re unable to work, or stuck at home to remain safe, and adhere to the government’s guidelines. This virus will end, and even though the financial aspects of life seem to have hit a big downturn, we can still do our thing, in our own homes.


Be certain that flowers and the clouds in the sky will go on being glorious!