Monthly Archives: April 2020

Ten (or so) Years On

When I was first diagnosed with MS, hanging out and bringing in, then putting away the washing, would just about wipe me out for the day.


Part of today’s washing, the rest is now hanging in the wardrobe already.

These days, around ten years later, I am able to do this, and much, much more, more easily, and not needing to take a ‘Power Nap’ afterwards. Keeping going helps me to keep going, but of course, being on the best medication has a lot to do with it too.

I’ve been on my current medication, Gilenya, for about eight years, after being on Avonex, for a couple of years from when I was diagnosed. I was very happy to halt getting my medication via a needle, once a week, in either left or right thigh muscle, and take a capsule instead. And the fact that it works even better for me than Avonex did, is a huge benefit, of course.

Being able to do normal things around the house, playing my part in the day to day running of the household is a wonderful thing. And being able to connect with friends and family, in normal ways, driving to their place or out to cafes, excellent stuff!

¬†Of course, at the moment, in the current Covid 19 locked in times, there’s no heading off to cafes with family or friends, and there is far more time spent inside, at home, and finding other ways to keep busy.

I stayed outside, after getting washing off the line, and used my mobile phone to video some ants, going about their day. Watching them getting out and about, busily rushing here and there, and having to lean over to get in close to see them, and get a good video, is something that would have been impossible ten years ago, for sure.

Back then, I had to use a walking stick to get around, and I certainly didn’t feel able to get to the back part of the yard, where the ant nests are. I feel, now. that my world was closed down, and now it is totally opened up to me, as I try things out, think about creative opportunities, and keep on doing as much as I can.

Disability may be a part of my life, but my abilities take up a much larger part, and I love it!