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New Normal

The new normal, what will it be? It’s the year 2020. The year I thought would be the year of Vision, for me personally, and with my writing, and for my writing group, perhaps, not sure on that one. A group is a group, made up of individuals, lead by one person, and although I am the leader of the group, it is our group, not just mine.


Event for Adelaide Plains Poets Festival of Words 

So this year started off well then it went crazy bad, and dangerous even. I’m OK, but that’s because I’m being good, and staying at home. Trying to get to the crux of the matter – how safe will I be if I go somewhere and encounter Covid-19? Some places say I’ll be worse off that others, other say my medication will offer some assistance in keeping me better off.

It’s still all up in the air, and no actual answer coming so I’ll continue staying at home, reaching out online when I can, hoping I stay Covid-19 free, and well … But, but, but … I am President of a group that meets every week, in a hotel. Well that isn’t happening … The group is meeting online, and that’s been good, but I’m sure I’m not the only group member missing catching up for real.

I’m a writer, being in lock down is an occasion to get more writing done. And the amount of time I’ve had, at home, just me and my lap top, and Missy our dog, often, then I should or could at least be half way through writing my first Cosy Murder Mystery book. I had it all planned at the end of last year, and it was going well. Then, the plague arrived, ruining my plans.


But the need to write is still there, and while I’m able to do it, I will write. Whether it’s poetry, books, articles for the Town’s Newsletter that I edit (Mallala Crossroad Chronicle), fiction, or blogging, I have to write. (to be honest, I have to include flaffing about on Social Media). Social Media is still writing, right? Yeah, sure …

This all feels like a strange new world, but I’d say for many people, like me, have entered a strange new world when they were first diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). It’s new disease,and there are new words to become accustomed to. Lesions, Sclerosis, and so on, you hear them and you learn what they mean, and you live what it brings to you, as best as you can. 

And if you don’t have MS, or the diagnosis was so long ago, you can barely remember it, this current Covid-19 Lock Down life might feel similar to what those of us diagnosed with MS first felt, locked down unable to go out, unable to do many things that you used to be able to do. The new ways become your new normal, and life continues on, but different. 

With MS, there may be improvements, the relapse that lead to your initial diagnosis may go into remission, but the MS is still there, and you know it, in the back of your mind. Or like me, you may go through a couple of medication changes, and life gets better, so that your new normal has some feelings of your previous life. But the MS is still there.

So this Covid-19 is a little bit like that, but right now, none of us now when life might achieve its settled down state, and we don’t know what our ‘new normal’ might be like. But for me, as a writer, it’s a challenge, to get a hold of what is happening to us all, so I have a new challenge, one I can do from the safety of my lap top, using the skills I already had, that of writing and blogging, and encouraging other people to write, using my writer blog

I have decided to put together and publish an anthology about the Covid-19 things happening right around the world, using the words of writers who are living this new world. I came iup with a phrase ‘Plague Invasion’ and things took off from there. My life is changed, and I’m happy with that, my new obsession/challenge is to get this book done, and ready for the public to hear about, find, and read.

I am reaching out to writers and poets, and between us, we will make a fine book, looking at this current Covid-19 situation, as it is for all of them. From the humour of running out of toilet paper, to the seriousness of the deaths, it will all be in this book – “Plague Invasion – Creative Writing Responses to Covid-19”.

It is a far from normal time, but at the moment, working on this book, that is my new normal …