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NDIS and Me

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS, is a scheme in Australia to help people with disabilities to get, and pay for needed ‘things’, including support workers, assistance with daily living, services and support. It covers things that are not supplied by other government schemes, and assistance.

‘… aim of the NDIS is to support people with disability by giving participants choice and control over their social and economic participation and their types of support and their life goals’ from

At the moment, I currently have a support worker, a cleaner, and a gardener/yard worker, to help me to do the things I can’t easily do, or that assist me in taking part in the broader community. It is a fine scheme, and I am realising now how much I have let myself down, by not utilising the scheme to the fullest.

Connecting with Nature – Lovely!

I have money allocated to me and my carer, to pay for the things I want and need, due to my disability. My chronic illness, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is one that is going well at the moment, and I am certainly thankful about that. I do know that if things aren’t going so well, which could come at any time, the MS will hit me hard again.

Working my way through NDIS has been an interesting thing, utilising my slightly affected cognitive abilities, but things are getting organised and paid for, so I must be doing OK with things. I opted for the self-management option for organising my plan, and I am grateful for the support I have been receiving from my support worker, who has been dealing with the NDIS, on behalf of another client, and so she knows the ins and outs of things, far better than I do.

Knowing what is eligible, understanding the meanings of different words and phrases used, working out the somewhat confusing website, these things are tricky for a relative newcomer like me, but I’m getting there, slow and steady. My home is where some things will be adapted, worked on, made better, made safer for me, and improved so my quality of life is as it should be.

Living a stress-free life is a major factor in why my MS is going well for me. Stress can be a major problem for many people, causing, or at least exacerbating illness. I work hard at living my life in a stress-free manner. So though I may seem to be sitting around enjoying myself, I am actually working at being calm and positive in my life. Being positive, having a good nutritionally sound diet, enjoying my life, these all assist in keeping my MS in a calm state.

Of course, my medication is a strong factor in my current state, but who can tell which aspect causes which benefit? Keeping happy, not too hot and not too cold, peaceful, engaged with my chosen community, feeling productive (in my own ways), living a good life, these are all important factors too, I feel.

I am interested in hearing from other people with MS, or carers of such people, as well as others regarding other auto-immune diseases, to see whether others have their own ideas regarding such things. Or indeed, whether they agree with what I have written. I feel this in an important discussion to hold. Our health is our responsibility!