Daily Archives: April 11, 2021

Another Fall, Another Hospital …

Yes, I had another fall, and there was another hospital involved … This time I will be able to remember the date, because it was 10 April 2-21, the day after my 58 birthday. The last time I had to go to a hospital because of a fall was 25 September 2019, AFL Grand Final day.

This time I made my own way to the hospital, because it was my forearm that was hurt, not a leg, so I could easily walk to our car, and be driven to the hospital by my husband. And it was much easier to manage, and was nowhere near as painful as breaking my leg was, back in 2019.

But it was definitely painful enough that it could have been a broken bone, and that means going to hospital to have an x-ray to see the truth. And after a very long wait, and eventually four x-rays, the truth was it was very probably not a broken bone, so no difficult to deal with plaster cast for me, thank goodness.

But after coming home and knowing my right forearm is only sore, and damaged, but with no bones broken doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt! It happened yesterday, and today my husband found some crepe bandage we had stashed away, and I wrapped up mt hand forearm up, and while I’m sure a trained medical person would do a superior job, I think it looks quite well done.

And it is definitely working to relieve some of the pain, which I hope is going to become further relieved as time passes. I’m going to go and see my GP though tomorrow probably, so he can inspect the damage, and not it on my medical files.

So apart from this sore right arm, I also have a bruise on my left cheek, a big spectacular looking bruise/mark on my left hip, and bruises on my of my knees. Quite a haul of ‘treasures’ I’d much not have received, that’s for sure.

Being able to come home again after a hospital visit is much better than having to go from hospital to hospital, and then stay in one for a week, as happened with that previous fall, which was incidentally my ankle that got broken. The stay in hospital that earlier time resulted in the publication of a little poetry collection, titled ‘Angles on Ankles’, which I have for sale, and can be purchased for a low price, plus postage, by contacting me in a comment on this blog post.

I wrote the initial poems for that poetry book in hospital, and finished it off in my recovery period, which was around three months all together. This new ‘trip and fall’ adventure will not need anywhere near as long to get over, but if it does end up as another little poetry book, I already have a possible title, ‘the Grist On My Wrist’.

To be honest though, I’d be happier with no more falls, even if they are common for those of us with Multiple Sclerosis! I have plenty of other things to write poetry about. By the way though, I did write a poem while I was waiting to be seen at the hospital yesterday, because just sitting there, without even really being seen for ages was boring!

And the really funny thing was that when I fell over yesterday, I was busily doing what I name as ‘extra steps’ – walking at home to get fitter, and stronger, in an effort to ward off these falls! From now on, I will be walking up and down and around inside my house, where if I fall over, I will be able to get up again, and I’ll fall onto carpet and not rocks or concrete!

If you have some thoughts about my latest misadventure, feel free to leave a comment here, I love connecting with other people!