Anything but plain, this is Jane!

Jane by name, but she’s certainly not plain. Jane the cane was a Christmas gift from my lovely husband Graham. She’s a pretty stick, and she lives in my car with Mick, most of the time.

I think Jane the cane was thrilled to do the front cover photo shoot with Mick the stick and I. She loved the lizzying up process, and she adores the lovely lavendar head decoration she wears!

4 thoughts on “Anything but plain, this is Jane!

    1. carolyncordon Post author

      Lovely! I have friends who have a lavender farm just out of Mallala – Maxine gave me the lovely decorated lavender and I used it to spruce up Jane the Cane for the photo shoot for my front cover. The lavender has long since been remover, but Jane rmembers her glory days when she and Mick the Stick would come along with me to speaking events!



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