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And So The Healing Goes

My broken ankle is now going into a new stage again, with rehabilitation becoming much more ‘active’. I saw my physio again today, and he has given me a new program to follow, with 5 exercises that involve me actually getting up and doing things, instead of twiddling my ankle in a seated position …

I now have to do squats, walk sideways, rise up on my toes (calf raises), do lunges, and stand on one leg then the other for 10 seconds each leg (aiming for no hand to do it). Some of these exercises aren’t too onerous, the standing on one leg one though, without touching anything, that might take some time.

I’m happy to be actively working to make my ankle better, and my leg muscles stronger, in the interests of making myself more able to not fall over again! Falling over is never a good thing, and this most recent time I’m been dealing with has been my worst fall yet.

I fell and broke my right ankle nine weeks ago, and from what I understand, my recovery so far has gone well. Some people in similar circumstances are still in a moon boot, and unable to bear weight. I am walking normally, except for a limp, and I no longer need to use any mobility when inside the house.

If I go outside though, I will need to use my stick, and I’m not upset about that, my walking cane, Jane the Cane, is beautiful! I’ve had Jane the Cane, and her partner, Mick the Stick, ever since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, nearly ten years ago. I haven’t needed either of them for some years now, but I’m happy now they were available for me when I needed them!


I’ve had a good team of helpers since I broke my ankle, family, friends, and medical people, as well as the providers of the various aids I’ve required since I came home from the hospital. I’m glad that soon these things will be returned to the businesses we have hired them from, and I hope I never need any of them again!

It’s been an interesting time though, a new experience, and as a writer, any new thing happening in my life gives me new insights and ideas for my writing. My blog posting rate has certainly increased, and I’ve written and had published a new poetry collection, “Angles on Ankles”, all about my time with this broken ankle.


So even though a broken ankle isn’t a thing I wold recommend to anyone, well, it could have been worse, and I’m eternally grateful for the people who have helped my healing process go so well!

When Good Outweighs Bad

When you can sit down and look at your life, and see that yes, there are indeed far more good things in your life, than there are bad, this is surely when you have a good life. I mean, yes, I have a chronic illness, that has the potential to take away my ability to walk, and be involved in the broader world, that is true. But it is also not a thing affecting me at the moment, and I can honestly say I have a good life, with many more good things than bad.

That chronic illness, multiple sclerosis (MS), is under control for me, thanks to the medication I am taking for it. This medication, Gilenya, doesn’t have such good results for all who use it, but it does for me, and I am grateful about that. And this idea of feeling gratitude, and looking at all of the things in your life your are grateful for, this has become a popular idea for people to rise above the bad and find the good in their lives.

When you look at your life, sometimes it might feel like a mess, with too many bad things to ever be able to uncover anything good. If this is the way you feel, still try. Go outside, see the sky, a tree, a flower, a bird. See Nature doing its work, and feel gratitude for all of the wonderful things that Nature does. Does Nature care? Maybe not, but the wonderful things will go on happening anyway.

When you start looking at the good things to be grateful for (and I recommend you do this often), then you will find it easier and easier to find the good things in your life, and the bad things will fall away to the background, or maybe even disappear completely. This is how the good can outweigh the bad. Good things can help you to continue on with things you have started, while focusing on the bad things may convince you to give up even trying to get them done.

Good things make it easier for you to smile, and if you smile, that makes it easier for other people to like you, and for you to like yourself. More people liking you means more people will be willing to help you if you need help with anything. More people who like you means more friends, and more friends means more fun!

“But more friends means more people demanding things from me,” you might think. But when you are your own best friend, you can value yourself properly, and learn how to say no if anyone asks too much from you, or you can’t go or do what they want, or even if you simply don’t want to do something. Best friends don’t force their friends to do things like that, so being your own best friend, well that’s a very good thing!


Back Again, and Still Feeling Grateful

I’ve missed recording my feeling of gratitude for a couple of days, for a variety of reasons. Those reasons are a symptom of the way life gets in the way of many things. I am certainly grateful that I am still able to do the many things I’ve been doing.

The weather has been good, winter is supposed to be cold, so I certainly won’t complain about it. We have been getting reasonably good levels of sunshine hitting our solar panels on our roof, and I’m grateful for this power from the sun which helps to ease our electricity costs. I’m also grateful for the flowers and produce our garden is currently growing. It isn’t really strawberry season, but we have our strawberry plants still trying to grow some more of this lovely fruit – I love sun-ripened strawberries, picked from the plant and eaten straight away!

We also so have capsicums growing ┬áin our vegetable garden, a healthy and tasty addition to our food stocks. Our herbs are still growing, and they are also a great in the meals we eat. I’m glad we have plenty of room and are able to grow these plants, I appreciate food plants a lot, yum! I appreciate the beautiful flowers too, we have lots of geraniums flowering, purple, hot pink, red, red/white combination, pale pink, lovely!

I am grateful for all of these things, and I am also very grateful for my darling husband, who does most of the watering of these plants. We have had some rain, but not enough by itself, so the hose comes into action as needed.

So that’s my catch up with things I’ve been grateful for in the past few days. I may not have time to be back here again until after the weekend. This weekend, starting on Friday, will all be taken up by the Adelaide Plains Festival of Words which is happening then. My writing group run this annual event, and I am certainly grateful to the wonderful sub-committee who help me to get this Festival up and running every year!

That’s it from me now, coffee and a little afternoon tea call me!

Sunshine Be My Power!

Today I am very grateful for the sun, and the solar panels we have on our roof, which take sunshine and turn it into power for us in a way I don’t understand, because I’ve never tried to understand how it works. I’m grateful there are people who do understand this, and can provide the relevant things to make it happen!

I love these sunny winter days too, simply for the broad blue sky up above us, and the clouds that may occasionally glide past overhead, with no flooding rain or angry storms to threaten us at the moment. The rain and storms may come back again, but for now, nothing like that happening …

If and when the rain and storms come again, I will be thankful for the watering Nature will do of the trees and other plants in my garden, in the crops around, and for all of the other gardens around, sucking up the moisture. I love an electrical storm every now and then too, as long as I don’t get stuck out in it, so hey Nature, bring on a storm some night soon, and that will be good too!

Winter isn’t my favourite month, but there are certainly parts of the season I enjoy, and after the cold winter we’re having, a warm Spring will be lovely. We have strawberries growing, (slowly growing), at the moment and I’m sure more warmth will encourage them to grow more quickly. I love home-grown strawberries, yummy, much better than what you’d get at the supermarket – sun warmed and ripened, picked from my garden and eaten straight away!

The image below isn’t a picture of strawberries, but it’s from our garden, herbs. capsicums and baby spinach, good food from our garden, yum!

garden produce.jpg