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NDIS and Me

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS, is a scheme in Australia to help people with disabilities to get, and pay for needed ‘things’, including support workers, assistance with daily living, services and support. It covers things that are not supplied by other government schemes, and assistance.

‘… aim of the NDIS is to support people with disability by giving participants choice and control over their social and economic participation and their types of support and their life goals’ from

At the moment, I currently have a support worker, a cleaner, and a gardener/yard worker, to help me to do the things I can’t easily do, or that assist me in taking part in the broader community. It is a fine scheme, and I am realising now how much I have let myself down, by not utilising the scheme to the fullest.

Connecting with Nature – Lovely!

I have money allocated to me and my carer, to pay for the things I want and need, due to my disability. My chronic illness, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is one that is going well at the moment, and I am certainly thankful about that. I do know that if things aren’t going so well, which could come at any time, the MS will hit me hard again.

Working my way through NDIS has been an interesting thing, utilising my slightly affected cognitive abilities, but things are getting organised and paid for, so I must be doing OK with things. I opted for the self-management option for organising my plan, and I am grateful for the support I have been receiving from my support worker, who has been dealing with the NDIS, on behalf of another client, and so she knows the ins and outs of things, far better than I do.

Knowing what is eligible, understanding the meanings of different words and phrases used, working out the somewhat confusing website, these things are tricky for a relative newcomer like me, but I’m getting there, slow and steady. My home is where some things will be adapted, worked on, made better, made safer for me, and improved so my quality of life is as it should be.

Living a stress-free life is a major factor in why my MS is going well for me. Stress can be a major problem for many people, causing, or at least exacerbating illness. I work hard at living my life in a stress-free manner. So though I may seem to be sitting around enjoying myself, I am actually working at being calm and positive in my life. Being positive, having a good nutritionally sound diet, enjoying my life, these all assist in keeping my MS in a calm state.

Of course, my medication is a strong factor in my current state, but who can tell which aspect causes which benefit? Keeping happy, not too hot and not too cold, peaceful, engaged with my chosen community, feeling productive (in my own ways), living a good life, these are all important factors too, I feel.

I am interested in hearing from other people with MS, or carers of such people, as well as others regarding other auto-immune diseases, to see whether others have their own ideas regarding such things. Or indeed, whether they agree with what I have written. I feel this in an important discussion to hold. Our health is our responsibility!

Settling My Mind

I have had enough training and life experience to know that it is important to have a settled mind if I am to get things happening in the way that is best for me. My mindfulness training certainly emphasised that it is only the present moment that is the one can effectively be in.

I can’t change what happened in the past and worrying about anything ‘back there’ can’t do me any good. And I can’t do anything about what may or may not occur in the future either, because, it’s impossible to say what definitely will happen. Stressing about future events unsettles the mind, I know that.

So the only real time I need to concern myself with is the present time, because the ‘now’ is the only real time there is. While the past and the future may feel like times, they’re effectively aren’t, the past is a fluid thing, depending on who’s talking, and the future is a thing that isn’t real, because things don’t become real until they happen. In the future is a mountain of possibilities, but they aren’t really real. They simply may happen, not will happen.

Some things are extremely likely, others extremely unlikely, and all others fit in between the two. The sun will almost certainly rise in the morning, that is true, but if the planet were hit by something huge, kabang, no more Earth for the sun to rise over, and that likely event may be taken away by an extremely unlikely one.

waterfalls during sunset

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Thinking about these things is a bit of silliness, that I am indulging in at the moment, probably because my mind is unsettled, right now. Like other people in Australia who have MS, I have NDIS funding available to me to assist in my life, so that I can live a good life, even though MS is taking away from me some of the good things in life. This funding is good, and I am grateful for it, but the process of working my way through getting the money, oh boy!

Using a system that makes sense, I assume, to those who set it up, isn’t necessarily easy for other people, me, for instance. I went along to the NDIS website earlier to today, to do something, then left a while later, tail between my legs, with no idea really about what on earth I was trying to do … It isn’t an impossible thing to do, to work it out, and I have support to assist if I can’t work it out myself, but it is definitely unsettling for my poor addled head!

I’m going to have another look at it later, and see if it makes more sense. Another cup of coffee might help. Actually another cup of coffee always helps! Coffee is my go to support when my brain needs a boost, as it does right now! It doesn’t settle the brain, but gives me extra oomph to get the thing done, and maybe my brain will settle better once it’s all finished and done!



Some Action Beginning NDIS

I now have the MS Society SA & NT getting involved in my NDIS plan and I’m expecting things will soon get going, finally. I have a plan, the MSSSA&NT have a copy of the plan, and an occupational therapist from there will be contacting me soon. I am beginning to believe it will actually happen, now.

The difference in the whole thing, once you finally have an organisation that you know and trust is immense. I’d been feeling a little bit negative about this whole thing, even though I have the money there if and when I need it. I just felt that I may never actually get my head around the whole thing, and may just end up wasting my time, and that money.

Now though, the MS people are on board with me, they know what they are doing, and I am confident money will be spent, and spent well. The OT will come to my home, see what I have here, and what I need. They will have other ideas on how to get the things outlined in my NDIS plan, and they know how to word things so they meet the requirements.

Even though we opted for a self-managed way to go, this partly assisted way seems like it’s a way that will work for us. I am now satisfied that it will go well. And it’s a burden off my shoulders that I hadn’t realised was even there, really.

So that is organised, what else is there in my MS journey? I’m going to have my flu vaccination before the end of the month – my GP knows I want my shot, and the doctors clinic are expecting to have the vaccination in a week or so, and I will be there very soon, when it all gets going.

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I have had my appointment with my podiatrist today, and my feet are feeling good. My skin that was zapped with liquid nitrogen by my GP is going well – the scabs dried up and have almost all now fallen off. The main thing regarding my MS health is doing some more exercise. I know that, and it is up to me to get going with it. I have plans to get back into the Wii Fit exercises again, but at the moment, I’m in birthday feasting mode!

Next week though, that’s when I will be getting the Wii Fit going, regularly, every day would be good. I know that. When I am being more active, it becomes increasingly easy to be active, it’s a win/win thing, and I love them. I also love inactivity though, haha! The machine will be switched on, maybe as soon as Saturday.

hula hoop for blog

This week has been my birthday week. I am now 56 years old, going quite well, in regards to my health, but there are around two to three kilograms I’d love to say goodbye to, and there are some muscles I’d like to wake up, and get them going! I have hand weights, I have possible exercises I can do, I have the Wii Fit machine – I will get going with all of that!

imag0402If you don’t see me reporting back on how that is all going, within a week, please, please ask me about it. I think potentially guilting myself about it may be the kick in the bottom I need, Haha!

NDIS Planning Meeting – Bringing a Better Life?

I am one of the ‘fortunate’ Australians with a disability who have been accepted as a disabled person who deserves help from the NDIS. (More about that in the next paragraph). The help I will receive will be decided based on what is decided by me and the relevant person at my ‘planning meeting. The planning meeting was set up by my local area co-ordinator from the service dealing in the area I live in, after I had applied and been accepted.

‘The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports people with a permanent and significant disability that affects their ability to take part in everyday activities.’

This is obviously a good thing, and I am grateful for that. It has helped many Australians with disabilities to live their lives in better ways, by providing the things they need for that to happen. At the moment, I’m still at the thinking about what will really make my life the life I want to live, a life that will bring more good to me. I don’t need a wheelchair (not yet, and hopefully never will), nor do I need more home modifications (these were provided already by Disability SA some years ago). I feel like I’m sort of functional, but could be a whole lot better, a bit like the peg in the photo:


The peg can hold things on the clothesline still, but it isn’t all that useful … That’s how I feel at the moment, for sure. I can do things, but I’d like to be able to do them perfectly, not in a not good enough manner. I want to be able to feel far more useful to myself and to everyone else.

My medication is working well for me, I’m feeling good, as long as I don’t get too hot, or too stressed. So what do I need for those two things, could that be where I should be looking for help? Well, I have suitable air conditioning in my home and my car. I have a cooling vest (although I don’t wear it because it is too cumbersome and it feels unsuitable). I’m careful to stay out of the sunshine when it’s too hot, and I go to places with good enough cooling.

I’ve had training sessions with the MS Society in South Australia, on the subject of mindfulness, and I have found this has helped me a lot in maintaining my sense of control, and giving me a feeling of serenity, going with the flow and not getting anxious about the things that occur in my life. If things happen that I am unable to chang, I let them go, and find ways for better things to happen instead.

So given that my life is more or less under control, at the moment anyway, what do I feel the need for, to make my life a better, more fulfilled life? Well, I have long had the idea that I want to do more public speaking, beyond the poetry reading related things I already do. I am used to the poetry readings, they go well, and I feel completely in control and not stressed out at them. It’s just something I do.

But to challenge myself, that’s what I want and need, I want to do public speaking in a different way, not the under control poetry reading method, but something where I may not be completely under control, and I may have some questions thrown at me, so I have to think and answer them, instead of merely reading my poetry from my book … Public Speaking is a huge challenge for many people, and they fear it more than death, apparently, some of them. Of course, I read that on the internet, so it may not be true …

So public speaking on any or all topics, done with confidence and style, in a way that will attract others to ask me to speak, and actually pay me money to do it, that is my aim. I’ve done a couple of such gigs, talking about myself and my health issues, or about my writing. These went well, but they were to groups of people who already knew me, and who I knew, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch of my abilities. If I can expand on that, do more of it, more often, and in different ways, that is what I’m aiming at. I’m seriously considering joining Toastmasters, and getting training with them. This is definitely something I could get paid for by my NDIS money, I think, it will go on my list, when I do my initial checklist (which I’ve finally printed out and put in the correct place, after weeks of meaning to do it but leaving it).

Another method of Public Speaking that interests me a lot is Stand Up comedy. I am pretty sure I could combine my skills and put on an amusing little show, if I had some more training in such things. People have been known to laugh at the funny things I’ve said, or the funny poems I’ve read, over the years … So as I said, some proper training and I may become a famous comedian!

Another issue I have that I feel would help me enormously would be having some assistance in decluttering my life. I have a little car I love, but I have (mis)used my little Kia Rio as a kind of mobile office, but in a bad way. It is messy inside and dirty on the outside, I keep on meaning to get it clean inside and out, but it never happens … I know if I could just have someone to help me, I could get my car tidied up and also all of my books, papers, and clothes organised.

From where I’m sitting at the moment I can see book shelves, but also piles of books that should be in book shelves. I can see paper things, almost all of my TAFE workbooks are sitting on their side in a pile on a shelf close to me. I finished my TAFE qualification many years ago, soon after I was diagnosed with MS, which happened eight years ago – there is absolutely no need for those things to be there, so why haven’t I put them somewhere more appropriate? I feel that I don’t know where that ‘more appropriate’ place is. I need help!


I want to live my life in the best possible way that suits me – not the me I currently am, but the best me possible! Who else is still working to become their ‘Best Me’? I’m interested in what others may consider to be their ‘Best’ …

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens at my NDIS planning meeting, and hope inspiration will be with me, and wonderful things can happen!