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A Response to a Challenge

I left a comment on a friend’s blog post and he wondered whether anyone had ever written an ode to a their Cleaner. I thought about it briefly, because I love to rise to writing challenges. But writing an ode didn’t appeal, and I immediately decided I was going to write an ‘Acrostic Poem’ to my Cleaner.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

And so once I had some time, earlier today, that is what I’ve done, written about it, including an Acrostic poem today to Debra, who is my cleaner. I haven’t known her for very long, but it feels like we’ve known each other for ages, in good ways!

This is the poem I wrote, and some more details:

An Acrostic Poem to Debra, my wonderful Cleaner. I have written this poem in response to a comment from John Malone on his blog, suggesting I, or someone, write an ode to their cleaner. And as I wrote first up, I can’t resist a writing challenge! But I’m more interested in more Short and Sharp poems, rather than odes, which can be quite long, I think, and so have gone with An Acrostic Poem. Acrositic Poems can be quite short.

Here is my Acrostic Poem, Debra:


Dust disappears, and dirt dissolves

Everywhere she’s been, order reigns –

Beautiful person, I’m loving her here,

Relaxed that she fits in so easily & well,

And thrilled my cleaner is now a friend!

In the piece that John wrote, he talks of how he spends ages making things clean before his cleaner comes, and I have to admit, I do the same thing. Other people on his blog post confessed to doing the same thing too. Even though I know Debra is going to clean things up better than I ever will, I still do a little bit of tidying up …