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Being Mobile Aids Mobility

When you have a disability that results in lessened physical abilities, it makes sense to listen to ‘the experts’, doesn’t it? I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and the experts have told me that being active will, or at least might, help me to regain, or retain physical ability.

When I was diagnosed with MS, my new neurologist told me to walk for half an hour. I think he meant to do this every day, but that I should work up to that level of ability, because at that time, walking for half an hour didn’t seem to be something I was physically capable of. MS had hit me and my muscles on my right side, including leg muscles were very weak.

2016-03-09 12.38.22

My new medication for MS seemed to help me though, and the exercise I began doing helped too. I’m on a new medication now, an easier and more pleasant one, and it seems to be working even better for me. My initial medication had been the injectable once a week one, Avonex. I didn’t like sticking a needle into my thigh muscles, left leg or right leg, but I did it, for two years.

Then a new medication come to Australia, Gilenya, which is a little capsule that you take once a day. It is much more acceptable to me, so much easier to have my G at breakfast time, and no nasty injections in my muscles! I still don’t walk for half an hour every day though, even though my neurologists words, ‘Use it or you lose it’, echo in my mind.

I do try to add walking, and other exercises to my life, every day. I park a little bit further away from where I’m going, or sometimes (not often enough!) I get my hand weights out and do some lifting for a while. I have to admit that in reality, my weight lifting is fairly negligible, so  don’t brag about it. At least it’s something though. I certainly feel better, if I am being more active, anyway.

above the fish pond

Getting out into the garden, walking around, looking at the flowers and trees, and the vegetables too, these things help me to get sunshine, get active, and sometimes get yummy things to eat. And if I’m in the garden, I am standing, walking, bending over and other active things. Being in Nature is good for me in other ways, good for my happiness, my feelings of greater connectivity, as I think about all of the Nature out there, and my own part is the whole world!

clover burrs

Spirituality, and all of that connecting with Nature stuff resonates for me. I am a secular person, not religious one, but I believe in the benefits being in and with Nature gives to me. I feel happy when I can see trees and clouds, and all of the creatures (not the snakes, I never like to see them, not the poisonous ones anyway!) And of course, being out in the sun can help my body build up more vitamin D, which is good for me. Too much sun though can lead to skin cancers though, so it’s a matter of getting enough, but not over doing it.

A lot of life is like that. Living a good and healthy life is all about moderation, a lot of the time. I like moderation, a little bit of wine every now and then, a small amount of chocolate, little bit of cake or other desserts occasionally, and then plenty of vegetables, with moderate amounts of fruit, meat, grains …

I get out and about, my writing group once a week, and other writing related things too. I take an interest in my community, and do various things to help others as and when I can. I’m also conscious of the mental health benefits to be gained from keeping my brain active too. Writing helps with that, connecting with online communities can help, being active in a variety of social media things, but again, in moderation …


I will continue living my moderately mobile life for as long as I can, sticking with my medication, and staying with Nature too. I love the trees and I hope the trees love me!



I’m Nuts for Nuts!

Yes, I know eating too many nuts is bad for a person, but eating too much of almost anything is bad for us. Probably it would be difficult to overdose on lettuce or celery, but apart from those two, a moderate amount of most things would be OK, regarding food and drinks. When a person has a chronic illness, as I have (multiple sclerosis – MS), eating a good healthy diet is recommended by the health experts.

And of course, nuts, in moderation, for a part of that healthy diet. I did a little research (ie, I googled it) and walnuts definitely seem to be one of the best nuts to eat, in terms of good health. I have had a very high reading on my cholesterol recently, so I am happy to find things that might help to reduce my reading there. Walnuts have been judged as the best nut for this purpose. This is great because I don’t mind walnuts at all. They’re not my favourite nut, but I quite like them.

The only real heathy diet issue I have is that I don’t eat fish or seafood at all. I don’t like it, and it makes me vomit, which is a bad thing to do 😉 – yuck! The thing these foods are particularly good for is Omega 3 fatty acids, so I am missing out on that healthful item in my diet, unless I can find ways to source it from other places. I happy to report that a new herb we have begun growing, purslane, is very high in the Omega 3 fatty acids, so finding some growning locally the other day was a health bonus!


I only planted a small seedling of purslane, but I hope and expect in a few weeks time, we may well be adding it to our meals, whenever appropriate. Eating our medicine, by finding the good things and limiting the bad things, that’s my favourite way to go with these things. Good and healthy food leads to a good and healthy life, and who wouldn’t want that?

Do you have any thoughts about these things? I’d love it if you left a comment here!


Still Celebrating My Victories

When you feel you are a waste of space, when things are more likely to go wrong instead of going right, that is when it’s more important to celebrate your victories. The victories may be hard to see, so tiny and seemingly inconsequential, and unable to be seen by able bodied people, that’s when it’s important to celebrate your victories!

I had a victory earlier today. I helped to hang out our washing, and didn’t fall over before or after as I wandered around our backyard. Yes, I dropped pegs quite a few times, and a few socks hit the ground, but I picked up every peg and sock, shook off any bits of grass, then continued with pegging clothes out.

When that was done, off to the vegetable patch and the herb garden.

garden produce

I’d taken off my windcheater before I went outside, and while it was a tiny bit cool out there, I soaked in the vitamin D from the sun beaming down on the skin of my arms and face, hoping it was being absorbed as it should. What victories these simple things are! I was able to pick herbs for the cup I’ve almost finished drinking, and who knows what good things the mint, thyme and oregano (or is it marjoram? whatever …), are doing for my body. These herbs are home grown, picked fresh then brought inside, water boiled and poured over them in a pretty cup with flowers on the side of it. Lovely things, and what victories!

The produce from the garden is from a previous growing season, at the moment we have the herbs mentioned previously and there are strawberries almost ready to be eaten (tomorrow?), and we have cherry tomatoes slowly changing from green to red. These should be ready by the weekend, I hope. What a victory it is to be able to go outside and pick our own food! I love eating food that’s there because we grew it, not because we went out and bought it from a shop. Homegrown beats shop bought every time, in my opinion, a victory of the small person over big business!

Speaking of eating vegetables and fruit, I have another victory, a small one, but I’m proud of my steady, if small, progress with my weight loss target. I only wanted to lose about five kilograms, but even so, I’m happy to report that I’ve lost a couple of kilograms, with two or maybe three to go. Victory! One of the things that helps me, as well as healthy eating, is our Wii Fit machine, where I weigh in. The machine keeps the weigh in numbers, and I do some of the exercises as well, which helps to tone my body, as does the exercises I do with the small hand weights we have, that sit right next to me as I sit at this computer. These are all victories!

hula hoop for blog(all photos are my own, apart from this one, which is from the Wii Fit website)

2016-03-09 12.38.22

Do you celebrate your small victories that come along, as you aim at the big one? If you do, it makes it easier to keep going, keep striving. If you don’t celebrate, it can seem like a tiresome process, if you celebrate all of your small victories, life can seem like joyous fun! Please leave a message if you have victories to brag about, or if you have any thoughts about my way of keeping going.