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Impress Yourself First!

Positive Thinking!

If I lose the ability to impress myself sometimes, feel free to slap me! But I’m safe from that right now, I have just done 1,880 extra steps this morning, briskly striding all around the inside of our house, and for many of those steps I had hand weights, making it an even better workout.

So I am mightily impressed, so impressed with myself that it doesn’t even matter if nobody else is impressed! Our dog Missy has done her walk this morning too, with my husband Graham, and I’m certainly impressed with them and their commitment to keeping fit and well!

This is Missy on her favourite resting spot!

Missy watches me sometimes with I’m doing my extra steps all around the house, here and there, back and forth, and she looks like she thinks I’m crazy, but that’s fine, when I see some of the things Missy eats in the yard, I think she’s crazy!

But back to me – My weight in this morning was slightly unimpressive, with an extra 100 grams over my weight yesterday morning, but that small amount isn’t a worry, as long as the weight doesn’t steadily go up … exercise and avoid healthy diet with vegetables, fruit and seeds, a little meat, and dairy, with some grains, yummy – good stuff!

Healthy Diet!

For the past couple of months, Graham and I have been weighing ourselves regularly, in the effort to be healthier, and lose our excess fat, which is definitely not healthy to have. Being as fit as possible, and eating a varied diet with lots of different nutrients is a good plan for everyone, but especially those of us with Chronic Illness, as I have. Multiple Sclerosis has an unknown cause and no known cure at the moment, but keeping as healthy as possible has to help, I’d say!

I have the goal of going on being as fit and healthy as I can, despite current health things … (MS and skin cancers). Nature is smiling, and I’m smiling too!

Having Purpose

At the moment, I have a novel I’m about a third of the way through, and I have a new poetry collection I’m working on as well. I’m also the President of a writing group with several things happening, or being planned at the moment. I have also recently begun being the Writer-In-Residence as a local cafe in a lovely small town, not too far from where I live. I’m there (Gallery 14 Light Street Hamley Bridge South Australia) every Monday except public holidays. I’ve done only two days so far, but I’m enjoying it, and can see it going on for quite a long time, if it goes on feeling this good.

My life is a good one, doing good things and being a good person. The 1,880 steps I walked this morning was almost one kilometre, and I remember a time when I could barely walk fifty metres. With a good life, and a medication that is working well for me, my Chronic Illness has slowed me down a bit, but not taken me down!