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Specialist Visit Tomorrow

When I visit this specialist, we’re talking about the chronic illness I have that most disables me, of course, Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This person has been my neurologist since I first knew I had MS, because he is the person I was sent to by my own GP, when I had the results of the CT scan that indicated something was wrong, but more information was needed.

This neurologist, or ‘my neuro’ as I now refer to him, sent me off for another test – an MRI scan. When I visited him again soon after that, to talk about what the MRI revealed, he told me I had MS, and that was it. We talked about what that meant, I think, but we talked most about which medication I would take. This was back in 2010, and the options for medication were the choice of injectable medications, or monthly infusions. (I could be wrong, that may not have been an option, can’t remember).

I chose the needle to happen weekly rather that daily or  every other day, or every three days, and there it was, I was on a regime of injecting myself in the thigh muscle on the weekend, every weekend presumably for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t have thought, previously, that I could have done that, but it turned out I could do it, and I did it for two years, rather than for the rest of my life.

After regular visits to my neuro, (and my own following of the medical news regarding MS) I learned of the arrival of a medication I could take via a daily capsule, rather than one via a needle. There were some issues to be aware of, and tests and checks to have done first, but the thought of this wonder drug was marvellous and I jumped at the chance of saying ‘No, to the Needle!’

So I went through the required protocol, had my heart checked, and my eyes examined (macular), everything went well and so Gilenya came into my life. This medication went well for me and is still going well, some six years later. I have blood tests done reasonably regularly, to check whether everything is going well (it is), and I see my neuro, to basically talk about how I’m going, and marvel about my good health.

But there are new drugs available, more and more all the time. Perhaps we will talk about them. Or we may discuss my most recent blood tests, and, well I’m not sure what else. I had mentioned possible cognitive issues, the last time I saw my neuro, some four months ago, I think it was. He did a bit of a test to check out that, and was happy to tell me I was cognitively 20/20 or something like that. He may have pointed out that I wasn’t getting younger, and that was normal, I’m not sure.

Anyway, this neuro visit will happen tomorrow, and I will report back on what happens, which I assume will be nothing much at all really, but time will tell. I probably should think of some questions to ask, but what? Who knows. Perhaps I’ll search the internet to see if I can come up with something, but maybe I’ll just leave it all up to him. After all, I may have the lived experience, but he is the expert …


Latest Neurologist Visit

I visited my neurologist yesterday, to find out the results of my most recent MRI scan. He was very pleased with my results, and I am too, really. There is no sign of any new scarring, or any other nasties there, so obviously the Gilenya capsules I take every morning to deal with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) are working, and working well. I am certainly happy about that, and taking the little capsule is much nicer than having to inject myself in the thigh muscle once a week, which was my initial treatment option after I was diagnosed with MS.

The injections, Avonex, were of some help with my MS, but the Gilenya is more effective. So my MS seems to be under control to a great extent, and I don’t need my cane or my walking stick, and I certainly don’t need my walker. My neurologist tested my memory, and my thinking skills, as well as a brief test on the strength of arms, and also tested my peripheral vision, all with good results. This is all very good news. So why, I wonder, do I feel dissatisfied?

My neurologist is thrilled with how I’m going with this wonder drug, he’s far more thrilled than I am. Well no, that’s not really true, I’d hate to go back to being as frail as I was back in 2010, when I ended up going to visit a neurologist for the first time, and so met this man for the first time. I never really took to him, but I certainly don’t hate him. He just seems too flippant, and so sure the medicine he’s put me on is the only reason for my better health,. even though he is also happy that I’m good about having a good diet too.

It’s all a bit mixed up in my head. I’m quite well for my age, especially considering I have MS, and my memory is good, etc, so why does my mind get in a muddle sometimes … Ah well, I think it’s time for me to sit back and just be grateful that I have a medication that is easy to take, and is effective. That will be my plan, be grateful, and stop trying to find reasons to be unhappy about all of this. So Carolyn, don’t be an ungrateful little wretch, don’t worry, be happy!

Not Raining on My Parade!

Today I had an appointment with my neurologist. I knew I would have to sit and wait, well beyond the time my appointment was supposed to be. I was ready for that, with a book to read and my mobile phone to play with. A good doctor will always have lots of people sitting down waiting to get to see them, because they will be willing to talk more than a set length of time.

Earlier, last month in fact, I’d wondered out loud whether I actually needed to have this appointment. I’m feeling good, looking good, doing well with my MS medication – Gilenya. These little capsules, that I’ve been on for nearly two years, are doing the right thing for me, with no noticeable side effects.

So I waited with my husband, reading my book and fluffing about online with my electronic device. Then it was my turn to go in and talk to my neuro. He asked me a few questions, which I answered, then I asked him some questions, which he answered. I was shown a picture of my last MRI, which had white fluffy bits that he said was my MS, but that Gilenya was holding it at bay, and preventing relapses. I said I was glad about that.

The upshot of all of this was that we decided I didn’t need to see him again for two years. I’m happy about that. I can wasted my time more comfortably at home. And when I’m at home, I can get coffee whenever I want. So two years with no neuro visit, unless something crops up. My GP will be the one in charge of keeping an eye on things for me, not my neurologist.

My GP’s office is ten minutes away from where I live, not an hour’s travel by car away. I’m happy to travel that shorter distance. I know I have to keep an eye on things, with assistance from my GP. He’s a nice guy, I’m happy with this new situation.

If my life wasn’t going along so well, I know I would be able to keep in contact with my neuro. The sun is shining on my life, even though the skies are doing their winterish best to chill the happiness out of me. While I can do the things I want to do, and remain able to step out to do my writer/poet things, then my life is a sunshiny life. I hope it remains like that for a very long time …