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Exercising Does Help!

As a person with the chronic illness, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), who is managing quite well, really, I am a good example of a few different things. These are not in any particular order, and some days one will feel the most helpful than at other times. So here is the list:

  1. Exercising
  2. Having a nutritionally sound diet
  3. Living with as little stress as possible
  4. Finding the best medication to help
  5. Having a positive attitude in life

My exercise program is very much an on and off again thing. At the moment, it’s mostly very much On, and I’m feeling the benefits of that, I think. I feel capable of physically doing the things I want and need to do, and I certainly like that! I am a member of the MS Society SA & NT and on their Facebook site recently they had a program of six weeks of challenges, where interested people could indicate their chosen challenge, and report on it and encourage others doing their own challenges. My challenge was to do ten minutes of exercise every day, so I tried to switch on our Wii Fit machine to do at least that much or more exercise, with the machine. Six weeks is a good length of time to set a habit, and now I feel as if something is wrong if I don’t switch the machine on in the morning, unless I am busy doing something else. So far I’ve lost a little bit of weight, which is good, but I also feel stronger, which is great!
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My diet is pretty well a good diet, I get sufficicient nutrients from eating fruit, vegetables, some grains (not enough probs), nuts, and some meat. I also have a moderate amount of coffee, because I love it, but I make sure not to overdo it, and to only drink coffee later in the day if I am going out, and will be home late. I try to remember to drink sufficient water too (not eight cups of water, because I don’t need that much, I’m a small person, and not a super athelete or physical labourer.


(the plant above is Purslane, a good source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which we now have growing at home, and I am trying to eat some of it every day – trying, but it isn’t a habit yet, I hope it will soon though!)

I am currently trying to move into a secular Buddhist kind of life style, and also am looking at the Stoic philosophy tenets. My natural life attitude seems to be that of an accepting realist, one who looks at life, thinks on it, and deals with what life offers to me, or hits me with. I then deal with whatever that is, in what seems to be the best way possible. I don’t overreact, I simply go on with my life however seems the right way to go, thus reducing stress.

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(picture by Simon Kneebone)

I was diagnosed with MS in 2010, and my neurologist advised me to use Avonex, which is and injecable medication, used once a week, with an injection directly into the muscle. So soon after learning I had MS, I began jabbing myself in the thigh muscle, left one one week, right one the next week and so on. This went on for around two years, and worked OK, but I was very glad to change medication to a tablet form Gilenya, which is a little tablet taken once a day, every day. This is easy to do, and a much more  pleasant way to have my MS meds, that’s for sure. This medication is helping me even more than the Avonex did, and I can see myself staying with this MS med for a very long time into the future.

Having a positive attitude to life. Hmm, I’m definitely a ‘glass half full’ kind of person. If there is a good side to anything at all, I’ll find it, it’s one of my valuable skills! Anyone I meet could become my next good friend, and I treat every opportunity, at the very least, as a new chance to learn. If things go wrong, wow, what a grand time of learning new things that can be! If and when I do something incredibly stupid, which happens more often than I’d like, well at least that’s one more thing I know I should try hard to avoid happening again! I know many people and I’m glad that I can be friends or at least friendly enough acquaintences. Or if they are truly toxic people, I know I don’t need them, and am comfortable in offloading them …


Life is a crazy mixed up bunch of stuff, and I use my life to measure up the good, the bad, and take what I want from it all! I’m currently putting together some ideas, and wise thoughts of my own, with the plan to make it into a published book at some stage, and I have some other ideas for books to come in the future. Life seems to be a very good thing, from where I’m looking!

I write about these things, and I love to talk to others about these things too! If you need a Public Speaker, ask me, I’ll do it if I can get there!


Being Positive Helps

Having a chronic illness is never a super fabulous thing to have. Whether it’s diabetes, arthritis, asthma, epilepsy, or any one of the many chronic illness that can hit a person, it will bring challenges to your life.  My own chronic illness is MS (multiple sclerosis).

I’m fortunate to be living well enough, with my chronic illness, and I am certainly grateful for that. I have found a medication (Gilenya), and a way to live my life that helps to keep my symptoms at a low level. I’m careful to eat well (plenty of fruit vegetables, not too much saturated fats or salt), and to exercise my body. I also think good thoughts, concentrating on the good things in life.

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I firmly believe in the good that can come from having a postive attitude to life, concentrating on the good things, not the negative bad things. There has been reputable investigation into this very issue, about the good that positivity can do to your body. This article talks on these matters.

I also have a broad circle of friends, see my family members regularly, and am strongly connected with my communiy. These things all add up to a fine, fun, and fabulous life, chronic illness, huh, step outa the way, I’m busy having a good time!

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Still Being Positive

I met up with an old friend for lunch and discussion about something I’d like her help with yesterday. It was great to catch up and share our personal news, family, health, what’s been happening, whats going to be happening.

It was great to catch up for so many reasons. Knowing she and her family are going well, being able to brag about how well me son is going, these were probably the top two reasons. But talking about my project I’d like help with was great too. It’s always good to have people involved with you, who are friends who care about you. The more people you have helping, who understand you, the better it will go.

This ‘people who understand’ can help enormously, because they’re less likely to have unrealistic expectations, because even if you’re going well now, they can remember the times when you were struggling. MS is like that. The remissions are wonderful times, when you can feel almost like you don’t have anything wrong with you at all. But you know a relapse could come along at any time.

Anyway, being positive and working toward a good outcome from a project is a great way to be living my life. The current project is to publish a new book. My friend Allyson Hean is going to do some illustrations for the book. Yesterday I gave Ally a draft copy of the book to go through, to come up with a front cover image, and three or so more illustrations. It was great fun to talk with her, she had some great ideas, and I’m sure this front cover is going to be eye-catching, which is how you want your book to be.

The book is called “Dog Buddha’s Thoughts” and it’s a comical look at Buddhism, through the eyes of ‘Buster the Dog’. This will be the third book Ally and I have done together, with me doing the writing, and Ally doing some pictures. Fun times, and an easy way to spend some time and earn a little bit of money too. I can do this, MS doesn’t prevent me from thinking, planning and writing, even if it may prevent me from other things at times.

I can’t imagine I’ll ever be able to compete in a marathon in summer, but that’s fine, I never want to do that – I’m totally not into running, and I think people who run in summer are mad! Anyway, I’m positive those who run marathons have positive thoughts about running in them, and that is the important thing to do – be positive about all you do.

This isn’t always possible, but it is true that if you can do the things you love to do, most of the time, that helps you to maintain a positive attitude to the rest of the things you do too. Positive attitudes bring you a good life, negative attitudes bring you a worse life. Your attitude colours you whole life, the way you see the tings that happen, and the ways you deal with everything there is in your life.

I’m positive this will be a great little book, and the whole process is going well!

Having MS and getting Philosophical …

I am a member of the MS Society SA and NT. last year, and again this year, the society has workshops in Mindfulness for members of the Society. I was extremely happy to be able to look more into mindfulness, and enjoyed the training we did for a month. Mindfulness makes a lot of sense to me. I’m a writer and poet, and like looking at meanings for what happens.

As a person who has had to take another look at life, after finding out in 2010 I have MS, I’ve been heading more and more into matters of philosophy. Prior to my diagnosis, I wasn’t averse to thinking about things more deeply perhaps than most, but now that I am sitting around and just thinking more, I’m heading towards Zen-like thoughts and ideas on how to live a better life.

Writing about such things, even if it’s just leaving new posts on my Facebook page, or in comments on the pages of others, brings me happy moments. I feel others can get a boost from reading one of my ‘feel good’ little ideas. Helping others to feel good about life, and about themselves helps me to feel good too. If all people did this, what a fine life we would all have.

Of course, not everyone has the chance to sit around thinking. Some people, most people in fact, have work they need to do. Whether it’s paid work, or working in the home keeping it all livable, and people fed, work always has to happen. But what about the times when the work is all done? What do you do then?

I’m a writer, and being a thinker and a writer means I’d rather be writing or thinking instead of watching TV. I do watch a couple of programs, but not as many as most people. I know many people just sit in front of the TV screen and watch whatever comes onto the screen. I know much of it is rubbish too (in my opinion). I don’t think anyone needs to watch some of the shows on TV, they are mindless pap.

I’d be happier sitting and watching flowers grow, baby animals play, or clouds float across the sky. These are all what I would call good things in life, and I strongly believe when you learn to look at the good things in life, instead of the bad things, life begins to look better and better … fairy flowers

Who wouldn’t like to have a better life? No-one, surely. Watching the bad things that happen and worrying they will happen to you is never going to prevent them from happening. Watching kittens playing probably won’t stop all of the bad things happening either, but at least I will be happier in the meantime.

So, this is a life lesson from me, someone who thought about such things. Look for the good in everything you do, on every day you live. Looking for good things will mean you have less time to see the bad things!



Life is What Happens

We all have dreams, don’t we? Some dreams are only ever held within, and not shared with other people. Some dreams we barely feel able to admit even to ourselves. But the dreams are there, firing our imagination, keeping us going in life and striving for what we truly want.

Dreams and real life often have clashes, of course. Dreaming you’ll be a graceful ballet dancer, thrilling audiences around the world will probably stay just a dream a wonderful dream of course, but no one that will occur, if you’re over fifty, and have MS, for instance. You can still hold the dream, mould it perhaps, to further fit your actual life. That dream could become a walk in a fun run/walk. Or it may become a desire to travel interstate to watch that graceful ballet dancer, performing as you have dreamed of dancing.

When we dream, we open our minds to possibilities, and possibilities can help one keep on going. At the moment, I am working with my writing group to put on our first Festival – Gawler Festival of Words . We have it planned and programmed and it’s on next month! Exciting times for a small writing group in a country town, exciting and well worth dreaming of, and working toward putting into action.

A year ago, I hadn’t dreamed about doing something as big as this may turn out to be, but the seeds of great things were there, and those seeds are looking like they will bear fruit. Everyone we talk to about this project gets excited, and if the vibe and buzz is anything to go by, it will be great! And if the buzz fizzles out and it ends up just being OK, well that’s still fine – life can get in the way of greatness sometimes. The planning and the shape of the Festival has been laid out and we know we can learn from the process for this year and tweak and shape it better for 2016!

So at the moment, my dream is to run a great Festival, sharing knowledge and helping other writers find ways and mentors to perhaps help them meet their dreams of being a well read best-selling writer! I’m a lucky MS sufferer. Multiple Sclerosis hasn’t slowed me down enough yet to stop me doing the things I enjoy the most. I like to write, poetry/prose, fiction or non fiction, sitting down writing is a favoured past time. My thought processes may get a little jumbled up at times, but editing after can help to make sense of things. After all, a first draft is only a first draft, not a final copy. My writing is my therapy to help me live a positive life, and positive thinking helps my brain to help me!

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Exercise can help me too – keeping active, walking, moving, and such things will help to keep my body going. One of my tools to help with this is the family Wii Fit machine. I ignore the machine too much, but I know it’s there waiting for me to get back with my program, weighing in, doing the exercises, and feeling the benefits from it. The hula hoop is one of my favourite exercises, it gets my heart going, and sometimes I even get close to my former personal best score – now that’s a fine dream to have, to smash my own PB, and maybe even one day beat my husband’s top score!

So exercise, and positive thinking help me, connecting with my community helps me too. Medication is another thing that helps me. My MS medication, Gilenya, seems to be working for me, my life is under control, side effects from it are minimal, life feels good. I like the way my life is happening at the moment. If it heads off in another direction though, well I know I can re-think the plan and work with what I have, to live another kind of life if necessary. With positive plans, good friends and a great family all helping, my life as it’s currently happening is a good life!