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Mobility – Use It Or Lose It

Yes, ‘Use it or lose it,’ I will never forget my neurologist telling me that at probably my second or possibly first appointment with him. He didn’t actually diagnose my MS until after I’d had my first MRI, but he had a pretty good idea that was what I was affected by, based on what I’d told him, and how I presented – weak on one side of body, not able to walk at all well.

So all those yeas ago, 11 years in fact, he told me to do my best to use my mobility, to walk, as much as I could, or I might well stop being able to walk much, or at all. So that’s what I do, I walk, sometimes only a little bit, sometimes more, but I walk. It isn’t always walking as exercise, just sometimes parking a bit further away, and walking the rest of the way, sometimes it’s going for a walk (not as often as I should!), sometimes its walking deliberately, as exercise.

And today I’m proud to say was one of those deliberate walking days. I’ve been doing this a bit more recently, using the pedometer on my phone, and keeping track on how far I’ve walked when I deliberately go for a walk. Brisk steps, they are the kind of walking I keep track on, whether inside steps, or outside ones, on goes the devise and away I go, step, step, step!

I walked past this rose bush this morning, when I was doing my extra steps outside – the bush is planted next to our pool, which I walked around twice today, as well as lots of other places outside and inside.

And today I did 2,000 steps, extra ones, just over a kilometre of them, around our yard, inside, out the front, out the back, step, step, step! I care a lot about my mobility, and I’m going to keep it until the day I die, if I can, no wheelchair for me, unless I break a bone again and need it!

If you have Multiple Sclerosis too, have you been encouraged by your neurologist to keep moving, and if not, why not? I realise we aren’t all at the same stage in our MS journey, and I’m interested in hoe other people get on, feel free to leave a comment! Any tips and hints are most welcome.