Monthly Archives: November 2014

Weight for It!

I’m wandering from place to place today, without really moving very far. I’ve written an MS related post on another of my blogs, hoping to gather some more people to my online fun! The other blog is about two important things in my life. These things were with me well before MS came along to muck things up.

My husband and I have had dogs all of the time we’ve been together, about thirty years. And gardens, trees and flowers are important to me too. I love trees and flowers, looking at them bring me joy. Finding things to feel joyful about is a wonderful search, trees and flowers bring beauty to every day!

I love to sit comfortable outside and look at the trees that are on our property, lovely tall trees that bring birds to us, every day. Gazing at Nature is my meditation, sitting and just being in the presence of lovely things. My place to sit is my happy place and I believe all should have such a place, somewhere to sit and find serenity. It is the path to a stress-free and joyous life.