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Yes, Meditation Can Help With MS

a rose by any other nameIf you have MS, and you’ve looked around to find things that can help you that aren’t medicine, you may have heard about meditation, and wondered if it might help help. There has been some study into this issue, and various studies have shown that various forms of meditation can indeed help those with MS, in different ways. It isn’t a cure of the problems MS can bring, abut it can bring some benefits.

The link above talks of one simple form of meditation, where you simply focus on your breathing, slow and steady, breathe in … breathe out … and on and on for five minutes. You are to simply focus on your breathing, and if thoughts come to your mind, as they probably will, you simply acknowledge the thing that caught your attention and focus back on your breath.

Many people feel they failed at meditation because of these thoughts that come to them when they are ‘tryng to meditate’. But to consider something as natural like these thoughts coming into your mind as ‘failing’ is wrong. If you can simply sit and breathe, slowly and steadily, focussing on each breath then you are meditating.

Meditation and mindfulness can go together and they go together well. I took part in a month of mindfulness classes, one day a week, for a month several years ago, and I feel more serene about my life, and the things that happen to me, the bad things, seem less troublesome to me these days. Life happens, reactions to life occur, results shape themselves, and so life continues happening …

When you have MS, some of the things that happen can be far from nice,  but when looked at from a broad prospective, as meditation can bring to you, options can come to you from the place you can be as you meditate.