Monthly Archives: January 2016

Having MS and getting Philosophical …

I am a member of the MS Society SA and NT. last year, and again this year, the society has workshops in Mindfulness for members of the Society. I was extremely happy to be able to look more into mindfulness, and enjoyed the training we did for a month. Mindfulness makes a lot of sense to me. I’m a writer and poet, and like looking at meanings for what happens.

As a person who has had to take another look at life, after finding out in 2010 I have MS, I’ve been heading more and more into matters of philosophy. Prior to my diagnosis, I wasn’t averse to thinking about things more deeply perhaps than most, but now that I am sitting around and just thinking more, I’m heading towards Zen-like thoughts and ideas on how to live a better life.

Writing about such things, even if it’s just leaving new posts on my Facebook page, or in comments on the pages of others, brings me happy moments. I feel others can get a boost from reading one of my ‘feel good’ little ideas. Helping others to feel good about life, and about themselves helps me to feel good too. If all people did this, what a fine life we would all have.

Of course, not everyone has the chance to sit around thinking. Some people, most people in fact, have work they need to do. Whether it’s paid work, or working in the home keeping it all livable, and people fed, work always has to happen. But what about the times when the work is all done? What do you do then?

I’m a writer, and being a thinker and a writer means I’d rather be writing or thinking instead of watching TV. I do watch a couple of programs, but not as many as most people. I know many people just sit in front of the TV screen and watch whatever comes onto the screen. I know much of it is rubbish too (in my opinion). I don’t think anyone needs to watch some of the shows on TV, they are mindless pap.

I’d be happier sitting and watching flowers grow, baby animals play, or clouds float across the sky. These are all what I would call good things in life, and I strongly believe when you learn to look at the good things in life, instead of the bad things, life begins to look better and better … fairy flowers

Who wouldn’t like to have a better life? No-one, surely. Watching the bad things that happen and worrying they will happen to you is never going to prevent them from happening. Watching kittens playing probably won’t stop all of the bad things happening either, but at least I will be happier in the meantime.

So, this is a life lesson from me, someone who thought about such things. Look for the good in everything you do, on every day you live. Looking for good things will mean you have less time to see the bad things!