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Still Celebrating My Victories

When you feel you are a waste of space, when things are more likely to go wrong instead of going right, that is when it’s more important to celebrate your victories. The victories may be hard to see, so tiny and seemingly inconsequential, and unable to be seen by able bodied people, that’s when it’s important to celebrate your victories!

I had a victory earlier today. I helped to hang out our washing, and didn’t fall over before or after as I wandered around our backyard. Yes, I dropped pegs quite a few times, and a few socks hit the ground, but I picked up every peg and sock, shook off any bits of grass, then continued with pegging clothes out.

When that was done, off to the vegetable patch and the herb garden.

garden produce

I’d taken off my windcheater before I went outside, and while it was a tiny bit cool out there, I soaked in the vitamin D from the sun beaming down on the skin of my arms and face, hoping it was being absorbed as it should. What victories these simple things are! I was able to pick herbs for the cup I’ve almost finished drinking, and who knows what good things the mint, thyme and oregano (or is it marjoram? whatever …), are doing for my body. These herbs are home grown, picked fresh then brought inside, water boiled and poured over them in a pretty cup with flowers on the side of it. Lovely things, and what victories!

The produce from the garden is from a previous growing season, at the moment we have the herbs mentioned previously and there are strawberries almost ready to be eaten (tomorrow?), and we have cherry tomatoes slowly changing from green to red. These should be ready by the weekend, I hope. What a victory it is to be able to go outside and pick our own food! I love eating food that’s there because we grew it, not because we went out and bought it from a shop. Homegrown beats shop bought every time, in my opinion, a victory of the small person over big business!

Speaking of eating vegetables and fruit, I have another victory, a small one, but I’m proud of my steady, if small, progress with my weight loss target. I only wanted to lose about five kilograms, but even so, I’m happy to report that I’ve lost a couple of kilograms, with two or maybe three to go. Victory! One of the things that helps me, as well as healthy eating, is our Wii Fit machine, where I weigh in. The machine keeps the weigh in numbers, and I do some of the exercises as well, which helps to tone my body, as does the exercises I do with the small hand weights we have, that sit right next to me as I sit at this computer. These are all victories!

hula hoop for blog(all photos are my own, apart from this one, which is from the Wii Fit website)

2016-03-09 12.38.22

Do you celebrate your small victories that come along, as you aim at the big one? If you do, it makes it easier to keep going, keep striving. If you don’t celebrate, it can seem like a tiresome process, if you celebrate all of your small victories, life can seem like joyous fun! Please leave a message if you have victories to brag about, or if you have any thoughts about my way of keeping going.